Monday, January 08, 2018

Show-Me Tax Break School Choice In Missouri

The GOP Super-Majority continues to make progress in the fight for options as many Conservatives believe public education FAILS students across the nation. Read more: Parents in Missouri can now claim tax deductions for private school tuition


Anonymous said...

You'll notice that the same deduction from FEDERAL Taxes was eliminated, though.

Anonymous said...

How about we stop rewarding irresponsible parents by paying their food medical, education, meals, housing and now private school costs? Single and responsible adults who do not have children are constantly expected to bear the brunt of these costs and then we have the balls to talk bullshit about a marriage penalty. If you can not afford to bear ALL the costs of your fucking kids how about keeping your damn bloomers on until you can actually foot the bills? This ain't rocket science. It is bullshit.

Anonymous said...

7:57, Not sure what you mean. There never was a federal (or state) tax deduction expressly for private school tuition. There is a deduction for contributions to 529 plans, but that's not the same thing. That federal deduction was not eliminated buy the recent tax law. Filers who itemize can still take it, but there will be fewer filers who itemize.

Anonymous said...

Why wasn’t this available back when my kid was in private school? Probably had something to do with those dumbass democrats. Before anybody thinks I’m some snob I was a product of the kcmosd and no way in hell was my kid was going to public school in kc, I barely got by but it was worth it

Anonymous said...

529 plans were established for COLLEGE tuition, public or private.

Public education for K-12 is free, so there is no need to allow 529 spending on K-12.

7:57 is wrong, this is a new federal deduction including in the recently signed tax bill, not an eliminated deducted. States can allow BECAUSE of the new federal change.

Parents that want to opt out of sending their kids to public schools should pay the tuition (or tithe to their church if a parochial school) without the expectation of a tax break. There is already a charitable deduction for giving to your church, so again, no need for a deduction for religious school spending if you are a member of the sponsoring church that allows tithing as payment.

The recent tax reform was supposed to be simplification. Many deductions were supposed to be reduced or eliminated; like medical spending, state & local, student loans, etc. 529 deductions should not have been expanded. This is just another tax dodge for wealthy contributors and another example that the GOP has no interest in supporting good public education for all.