Show-Me How Much 15 Cents Will Help The Working Poor In Missouri???

There has been a really great debate on the topic of a "fair wage" on this blog . . .

One one side of the issue, we have protesters claiming that the new minimum wage of $7.85 per hour is tantamount to wage theft by employers.

Whereas many biz advocates claim that minimum wage work was not intended to support families or provide a sustainable income.

Either way, a small cost-of-living increase that has taken hold won't stop the debate over compensation for an hour's work (or lack thereof) in Missouri. Read more:

Missouri's Minimum Wage Goes Up On January 1st. - KTRS | St Louis News and Talk Radio | The Big 550 AM

Jefferson City, MO (KTRS) The New Year brings an increase in Missouri's minimum wage. The minimum wage for the state goes up $.15 an hour on January 1, 2018. This brings the new minimum wage is $7.85 an hour. St. Louis City approved measure to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour in 2017....


  1. They've got more money to spend now. The corporations where they spend that money will use that .15 cents to invest in their companies and hire more peoples. That will make the economy grow and the benefits will trickle down to make everyone wealthy.

  2. The solutions is increase your skills, make yourself an asset and not a beggar and get a fucking job. Why the hell are people deserving of a reward for making shit choices in life? Follow the advice you have gotten since childhood and make something out of your self other than a fucking low life.

  3. ^^^..or a useless idiot who gives advice to other useless idiots on blogs. Don't be that guy either. He's the worst, the absolute worst!

  4. Having worked for minimum wage, I can tell you that it's damn near impossible to pay bills, even if you are single, no kids, no outstanding student loans. Most people need more than one of these basic jobs if they are trying to survive. Minimum wage is adequate if you are a 16-year old working to put gas in your old clunker of a car.


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