Monday, January 15, 2018

Show-Me Free-Market Talking Points 2018

This Missouri think tank has an outpost in Kansas City and they're one of the rare advocates for financial sanity from both left & right politicos. Like it or not, the info they provide is important and here's their plan for the new year:

2018 Blueprint: Moving Missouri Forward

The Show-Me Institute's 2018 Blueprint: Moving Missouri Forward presents 16 policy ideas covering a broad range of issues-from education to health care, from public pensions to union reform, and from tax policy to transportation. Together, these policies can move Missouri forward to a brighter future.


Anonymous said...

Recreational weed, a new and desired tax source. Wonder how much Missouri and Kansas money is ending up in the Colorado tax coffers ? Come on all it legal there and we continue to spend tax money to fight it, dumb, dumb, dumb.

Anonymous said...

Show-Me Institue is a rare sane advocate and not tied to the right wing or corporatist agenda.

If you believe that, can I interest you in a family values MO governor?

No thanks, not clicking on propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Oh, ya mean family values like that Bubba, Guv Luv of Arkysaw, had? Great values, that guy, who was a serial adulterer, "never inhaled", and was impeached while POTUS?

Anonymous said...

No, I mean like the current sexual assault blackmailer in Jefferson City.

That wasn't a difficult or trick question.

Try to keep up.