Friday, January 19, 2018

Show-Me Down Low Missouri Guv Greitens

Here's a look at a formerly celebrated GOP politoco who now looks like a guy with a lot to hide as he plays the waiting game when confronting a nasty story of adultery, alleged revenge pr0n blackmail and misuse of Missouri resources . . . Read more:

Embattled Greitens avoids spotlight, releases tax cut plan via press release

JEFFERSON CITY * Embattled Gov. Eric Greitens stayed out of the public eye again Thursday, releasing the broad outlines of a tax cut plan in the style of President Donald Trump by news release instead of the statewide tour he had planned before he became embroiled in scandal.


Anonymous said...

Mankind has just got to learn to survive3 without pussy. Those bitches are a pain in the ass no matter how you cut it.

Anonymous said...

That little bitch is history. Just a matter of time and he will be a footnote in history. Another Republican sex fiend exposed. Hopefully DHS will take his kids and place them in a safe environment.

Anonymous said...

Will hush money paid to mistresses become tax deductible?

Does the woman have to declare that as income?

Just some hypothetical questions.