Sunday, January 14, 2018

Shanley Shares Kansas City Restaurant Week Secret Meat Treats!!!

In fairness and to balance out somewhat bitter coverage last night, the queen of local foodies offers enthusiastic coverage on hearty dishes served in Winter cold . . . Checkit:

5 Beef Dishes To Try During KC Restaurant Week | Out to Eat

It's the best time of year for food enthusiasts...KC Restaurant Week! More than 150 restaurants are participating, offering two-course lunches for $15 and three-course dinners for $33. Restaurant Week runs through January 21, but let's face it: two weeks isn't enough time to try each eatery.


Tracy Thomas said...

These sound great.
Glad Tony admitted he was too cynical earlier.

In the past, when I was richer, I went to 8 restaurants during KCRW and discovered some greats, including Grunauer which is featured in the first blog post here.
Then there are 5 others at the bottom of that post.

Anonymous said...

Tracy is the most beautiful and alluring woman in the history of women.

Anonymous said...

He didn't admit anything whack job. Can't afford $500.00 for 8 meals? I understand why nobody would take you on a date.

Anonymous said...

No addresses for these restaurants in the blog. This is nothing new for this lame ass writer, no real journalistic training just a pretty face and a mouth big enough for the food she shoves into it.

Anonymous said...

No lines at my Burger King this week. Love it!