Saturday, January 20, 2018

Report: Kobach Commish Risked Voter Data

Cap-J shares this scary report contending that the crusade of the SecState actually exposed the private information of Sunflower State denizens via e-mail. Read more:

Kansas-based Crosscheck spreadsheet compromises 945 voters' data

Private voter data was transferred by a Kansas official over an unsecured email in 2013 and inadvertently released this fall by Florida officials working to fulfill an open records request. Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's quest to discover voter fraud exposed sensitive data for nearly 1,000 Kansans when an official tried to compare partial social security numbers sent via an unsecured email to election staff in Florida.


Anonymous said...

Is anyone truly surprised by this?
In old-time phrasing, Kobach could "screw up Buttermilk", why would we expect anything else from any "organization" he had a hand in designing?

Rick Perry said...


Anonymous said...

Sure is funny that for years KC released citizen data, including names, addresses, phones, social security, car tag and driver license numbers to the contractor for those red light cams and not a single libtard in the media had shit to say about it. Yet, we want to make a big fucking deal out of this voter bullshit.