Thursday, January 11, 2018

Pitch Jokes Scott Tucker Jail Time

Hipster hot take on the hard times of this payday loan kingpin who is not only going to prison but also staring in an Internets "true crime" doc - Two horrible fates that most wouldn't wish on their worst enemy . . .

Scott Tucker can watch a Netflix documentary about himself while he sits in prison for the next 16 years

One afternoon four years ago, before I ever published a word on the sprawling, secretive network of online payday lenders who turned Kansas City into a predatory hub - before, in fact, I even knew how sprawling and secretive that network was - I was slouched in my chair at the old Pitch office, stumped and frustrated.

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Anonymous said...

He only got 16 years? He has ruined thousands of lives with his rip off attitude. There is a special place in prison for the type of guy who walks on the backs of the poor. Hope he makes some snuggle up friends.