Friday, January 12, 2018

Perfect Village Mayor & Big Bucks Battle

Important link suggestion from a fave of our blog community offers big picture perspective on a money might connected to a local middle-class enclave. Take a look:

The Widow, the Bank, and the $8 Billion Verdict

Jo Hopper is sitting in her lawyer's office in North Dallas, slowly, calmly telling the story of how she believes the nation's largest bank tried to take away her home and her possessions, and destroy the relationship she had with her stepchildren. Her saga began eight years ago this month at Medical City Dallas.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a messy divorce or feud litigation. the lawyers made money.

Anonymous said...

JP Morgan were idiots to take this to a jury.

Anonymous said...

Trump will write an executive order adminishing JP Morgan from responsibility and once again screws over the little people be they of Norwegian descent or not.