Friday, January 05, 2018

Newsie Redux: Kansas City Pet Project Vs. Swope Park Hipster Weekend Warriors

Hey everybody, here's The Pitch offering some "journalism" that The Northeast News covered last year. Take a look:

KC Pet Project finds itself pitted against an unlikely contingent: the disc-golf community

Photo by Zach Bauman The lost and the broken have a way of ending up on Raytown Road, near the Truman Sports Complex. Along this stretch of land over the years have been a tuberculosis hospital, a state penitentiary, Kansas City's tow lot, and the city's animal shelter.


Anonymous said...

I kind of feel sorry for the disc golfers. Anytime you're dealing with our fair City, you have to be ready for all kinds of low blows and dirty tricks. Hope you guys can find another place to play.

Anonymous said...

Disk golfers spend half their life on their knees. Very gay bunch.