Friday, January 05, 2018

Newsflash: Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar Gets Nice Note About Asking For Money

Here's KCMO celebrating news about transit begging from the Prez Trump Administration. Take a look:

Approval allows KC streetcar to seek federal funding for extension - Kansas City Business Journal

A proposed extension of the Kansas City streetcar line to the south through the Country Club Plaza and then on to the University of Missouri-Kansas City received the OK from the Federal Transit Administration to move into the next development phase.


Anonymous said...

Trump needs to send Sly a nice note. “Not one dime, lard ass.”

Anonymous said...

Trump will demand something for his assistance. What could he possibly want from our fair City?

Anonymous said...

What happened to the vote where we turned down any extension of the toy train?

Anonymous said...

This is where your tax dollars are going... The streetcar. The. KCATA gets 80% of their funding from City Hall tax dollars. No more police on the street but city hall is dead set on having the streetcar expanded even though the majority of city wide voters told them they didn't want expansion.