Saturday, January 06, 2018

Klika #MeToo Switcheroo

Follow-up on rage among suburbanites that didn't really resonate anywhere else because bureaucrats are the second lowest rung of local celebrity. Read more:

MO: Klika Replaced on Transit Board after Complaint from Agency Employee

Jan. 05--Johnson County Commissioner Steve Klika has been replaced as Johnson County's representative on the metro area's transportation agency, after an agency manager lodged a complaint about him. Johnson County Commission Chair Ed Eilert announced Thursday that he had appointed County Commissioner Jim Allen to the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority board as Johnson County's representative.


Anonymous said...

Most of the #MeToo complaints are from women who willingly got fucked thinking it would help their careers.

Anonymous said...

Yet visit kc keeping him on their board while also having a ceo that is an abuser. Great 25 million visitor tourism work.