Wednesday, January 24, 2018

KCPD Serves McDonald's Sometimes

Quick PR piece and just a bit of community outreach toward the exceptionally (and deservedly) skeptical denizens of the working-class. Take a look:

The man said he didn't like police. Then a Kansas City officer began taking orders

As an off-duty officer was working security at a Kansas City, Mo. McDonald's, a customer who said he does not like police came up to him. Officer Antoney Perez told the man he would try to change his mind, the Kansas City Missouri Police Department posted on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

They are people just like anyone else and more! They go out on the streets everyday and put up with scum, taking bullets so the terrorist group black lives matter can kill them like sitting ducks, filth like Beyonce can run her big blubber lips and get them killed nation wide, and losers like the nfl players can kneel like the spoiled brat liars they are, who kneel for one purpose only and that's to kill cops.

Awesome cop, you guys are great!!!! I couldn't put up with what you put up with!

Anonymous said...

To protect and serve burgers.
With a side of the cold cases.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 3:30. I retired after 32 years of it and the only thing I miss is supportive folks like you.

Anonymous said...

Officer must have been behind the counter solving a homicide.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is MCdonalds and any fast food is poison!! people only eat fast food because they are too damn lazy to cook at home or pack a healthy lunch!! This same group of morons bitch because they are broke and dont get paid enough but will spend over a hour of their wages to eat that shit. Police are always stationed at Walmart because the theft is so huge, people need to steal shit so they can cover their lazy eating habits. Dont hate the cop that picks up a side hustle providing security and safety, that person is smart and more than likey doesnt eat that shit as they watch all the same fat people who come for breakfast lunch and dinner.