Amid widespread GOP resistance from other states and lackluster results . . . Yet another high-profile gig for the top politico in Kansas has gone astray.

Check links and description from both sides of the aisle . . .

The closing of the commission was a blow for Kris Kobach, the secretary of state of Kansas and the panel’s vice chairman. Mr. Kobach was one of a few state officials to support Mr. Trump’s contention of widespread fraud.

But Mr. Kobach insisted in an interview that the commission’s work would not end but rather would be transferred to the Department of Homeland Security, one of the federal agencies charged with ensuring election integrity and one that he said critics would find more difficult to target.

More perspective on the move from the top GOP contender for Kansas Guv . . .

The Kansas official said he expects officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement and political appointees overseeing that agency to take over the commission's work and begin efforts to match state voter rolls to federal databases of noncitizens. He insisted he was not disappointed with the president's decision.

"It’s the right move," Kobach said. "It's a shifting in tactics from having the investigation be done by a federal commission to having it be done by a federal agency. The agency has a greater ability to move quickly to get the investigation done."

Kobach acknowledged that ICE has little expertise in other types of potential voter fraud, such as multiple voting or voting by felons who've been disenfranchised, but he noted DHS has a broad mandate to address election security issues as critical U.S. infrastructure.

Check the links . . .

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Wex: Kris Kobach: A 'barrage of meritless lawsuits' ended Trump's voter fraud commission

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  1. Still the strongest candidate for governor.

    And like he said, with the new effort inside Homeland Security, there will be fewer opportunities for lawsuits from the ACLU.

  2. Kobach puts the fraud in "voter fraud." Kinda funny that the two most prominent Kansas Republican politicians fell on their faces in the Trump junta. Too skeezy for even Trumpinistas. That's what I want at the top of my VC. In contrast, Bannon looks like a guy who finally found the comb, the razor and the bar of soap and spoke candidly about Dolt 45's Whitey House.

  3. Self Serve KC1/3/18, 10:40 PM

    Kobach has always been kind of crooked. Maybe he should just start laying bricks on that wall.

    Then again, given the voting record of Kansas. I'm pretty sure he'll be the next Governor.

  4. So they just eliminated some redundant jobs. Good. Plus it makes heads explode. Ha

  5. the Trump tweet storm in the last two days is all about providing air cover to distract from this money laundering news

  6. Really? Ok.

  7. What happens when you crash on the national stage?

    You come home and run for governor.

    Hell, Brownback sold it to the Kansas rubes for 2 terms and still has many thinking the sun is shining despite his tax scheme.

    Let LLCs pay zero taxes while everyone else is hit with higher sales taxes? Sure, why not. Kansans will still vote Republican no matter how hard they get screwed.

    Kobach is slicker than Brownback and will keep the lemmings in line.

  8. Told ya!
    The Commission accidentally stumbled across proof that the Vote Count was fraudulent and that "You Know Who" didn't even actually win the Electoral College, let alone the Popular Vote.

    Shutting them down is just part of the chaos and panic bubbling throughout 1600 Pennsylvania.

    More to come...

  9. Kobach, who served as vice chairman of the voter fraud commission, blasted organizations like the ACLU and NAACP, along with Democrats in Congress and on the commission who attempted to halt the panel in its tracks.

    “They have absolutely no interest in stopping voter fraud,” Kobach said. “It’s truly extraordinary that one party in our system has made clear that they don’t care.”

    “Some people on the Left were getting uncomfortable about how much we were finding out,” Kobach continued.

    Thus far, the voter fraud commission has revealed:

    938 convictions for voter fraud since the year 2000
    Fewer than 1 in 100 cases ends in a conviction
    In Kansas, alone, there are 127 known cases of non-citizen aliens registering to vote
    In 21 states, there were 8,471 cases of double voting discovered
    The commission will now more soundly operate without hold-ups in courts, lawsuits, and political battles, a move that Kobach says Democrats brought onto themselves.

    “The investigations will continue now, but they won’t be able to stall if through litigation."

    This is the tip of the iceberg.

    Voter fraud is rampant and is a real threat to our elections. NOT the Russians morons.

    No shit there is "more to come..."

  10. It's time to get serious about voter fraud.
    1. Cull the voter rolls of the deceased, false addresses, multiple addresses or names, felons, and the like. Citizens vote. Illegals or criminals cannot. Simple.
    2. Voter ID. - No, not a national voter ID, but a Congressional law validating all state voter IDs to stop liberal legal challenges to this common sense solution.
    3. Law enforcement at the voting booth. Spotting voter fraud is the first step and this must include voting officials and precinct judges who refuse to ID or who allow false or unverified identification as a substitute for a valid ID. .
    4. Vigorous, fast-track prosecution of offenders.
    5. Mandatory sentencing. Take the decision away from liberal judges. Make it a black letter law crime and add teeth. 1-2 years for conviction. Disrupting your life and losing your job and income for 1-2 years is no small matter

  11. Ain't it just like the federal government to investigate any issue to death without any actual reform? This problem dates to the enactment of Clinton-era Motor Voter law. Congress, being the most ineffectual bunch of dunderheads, lazy, corrupt villains ever to occupy space and time, can't seem to pass regular order spending bills, let alone serious legislation reforming or repealing atrocious, liberty-killing legislation (Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, etc...).

    In Virginia, the Governor worked hard to make sure felons, murderers and rapists were allowed to vote, because, well..., he knew, as we all know, that they are all Democrats.

  12. ^^^^ you couldn't be more wrong. Voter fraud is almost non-existent. If it was rampant the commission wouldn't have been dissolved. I mean, where do yo get this shit? Why do you believe in things that have never been proved? Just because someone like Kobach says so? You think 938 cases nationwide in 17 years is a lot? I know most if not all of the Kansas cases were people who had homes in another state and voted in that other states LOCAL elections, they didn't vote twice in national elections. They did it out of ignorance of the law, not out of malice. Not only that, the Kansas cases were mostly Republicans. You are fucking delusional and easily lied to. Stop believing all the bullshit you read.

  13. My 6:33 comment was for 6:23.

  14. Here's the straight truth: There is NO voter fraud. There is NO common sense, or intelligence in Trump or Kobach. There is however collusion, and a very real probability that Trump has dementia.

  15. Notice how Trump was symbolically shooting Kobach with his hand gesture?

  16. Libtards would not cooperate and stopped investigation, wonder why. I produce an ID to buy alcohol, tobacco and when I drive, why not when I vote ?

  17. ^^^^Because it's a poll tax dope look it up. I can't help it if you're dumb!

  18. A state ID is a poll tax?

  19. Only those that prove they paid income tax should be allowed to vote. No exceptions.

  20. @11:22AM-Yes it is. Look up what a poll tax is dummy, we are tired of telling you!

  21. One trick pony, and Trump said baloney :)

  22. Blue states and Democrats weren't cooperating?

    Kansas was one of those states, and Kobach (as Kansas SOS) was the state official that made the decision to deny release of voter data to his own national commission.

    Kobach is as big a liar as Trump. Worse, he assumes we are too stupid to remember what he did.

  23. Have your absentee father pay for your ID since you came from his poll.


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