Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Kansas Police Body Cam Demand Reignited After Spate Of Deadly Shootings

An important debate about accountability and the public trust emerges in the aftermath of two controversial shootings involving law enforcement. Read more:

Push Emerges For Change To Body Camera Law In Kansas

Some Kansas lawmakers say there should be changes to laws concerning when police departments must release body camera footage, but they acknowledge it will be difficult to balance the concerns of several stakeholders with conflicting interests. The issue arose after two recent officer-involved shootings, one in Wichita and the other in Topeka.


Anonymous said...

We don’t need any body cams. We do need more dead hood rat criminals.

Anonymous said...


I agree with that!

Anonymous said...

I'm an old man (50+). Cops can save your ass or beat it. I hope we are even.

Anonymous said...

Why do we need more educational videos of blacks getting shot to death, 95% of the population know that if you pull a knife or a gun on a cop your gonna get shot!

Anonymous said...

Man body cam sure to do a lot of good in Las Vegas when that cop executed that Critter getter because his buddy flashes 22 past the window. That was straight up fucking murder in the fucking cop walked on it and they were all wearing body cams so what's the diff they're wasting money if you ask me