Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Kansas La Migra Confronts Sexting Scandal

Sometimes, building the wall can be allegedly nasty business . . . Read more:

ICE agent accused of sending police info, sexts to Kansas TV anchor

A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent accused of sending sensitive law enforcement information and sexual text messages to a Kansas news anchor is facing federal charges, court documents say. The Wichita Police Department interviewed KAKE-TV anchor Deb Farris in March and photographed about 185 screenshots of text messages allegedly sent to her by ICE Agent Andrew J.


Anonymous said...

Yep, them there ICE Agents is some real men, ain't they?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, seems there's f*ckups amidst all professions. But, the vast majority of LEOs do what's right in their careers.

Exhibit: Crimmie Jimmy Comey. The REAL F.B.I. cannot allow the corrupted Clintoons to get away with the crap that jeopardized the security of our nation and allies. Unless, Comey's actually a COINTEL genius, and is an aid to finally bringing the Clintoon Crime Family to account on their dirty deeds...Hmmmmm...hope so.

Anonymous said...

This guy must be fucking blind. Deb Ferris is about a 2. He's been chasing ugly assed wet backs too long.

Anonymous said...

ICE agents are one chromosome short of being a cop.

Super Dave said...

This guy appears to be a real creep whose days were numbered no doubt at ICE. Ahhh the good ole days when you could just fire scum like this and not have to worry about lawyers attacking and suing you for violating their clients right to be an asshole scumbag.