Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Kansas Guv Brownback Won't Be Gone

The long lame duck goodbye from a politico with strident opposition from both Republicans and Democratic Party denizens . . .

With federal nomination stalled, Brownback will stay in office, give State of the State address

The governor'sofficeendedweeksofspeculationTuesdaywithanannouncementGov.SamBrownbackwouldgivetheannualStateoftheStateaddressnextweek. Spokeswoman Rachel Whitten also confirmed Brownback would provide the governor's budget proposal, which will be released the day after the speech. She said Brownback had always planned to deliver the budget if he were still in office.


Anonymous said...

You have to love how he must be laughing his ass off while smirkingly waving a middle finger at the Kansas City star and terrible editorial board.
No one cares what they say as there are millions of voices out there and better ones with more reads on Facebook and God knows where else.
Get rich and short McClatchy stock as the toilet absorbs total waste with the leftover rags of print journalism being swept down the bowels (of latrines) everywhere.
Keep up the great work Mr. Brownback and you do a better job than each editorialist combined as a whole!

Anonymous said...

No one wants Brownback.

The tools of Kansas are stuck with it.

Anonymous said...

The rest of the world and country says "NO THANKS BROWNBACK!"

Stay in your failing state with the failing policies you sold your career for some short term Koch Brothers money. They are done with you and so is the rest of the world.

Back to your Fred Phelps syncophants and closeted conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you libtards. You stall his appointment in Washington being ass holes and damned if Karma doesn't come to Kansas and bite you shitflakes right in the nads. Great plan clowns!

SNL said...

The Thing That Wouldn't Leave