Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Kansas Guv Brownback GONE

Here's the aftermath of trickle down economics and a politico leaving Kansas for higher ground. Checkit:

Senate Gives Brownback Ambassadorship, Colyer Gets Hand-Me-Down Governorship

With help from Vice President Mike Pence, short-handed U.S. Senate Republicans on Wednesday made Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback President Donald Trump's ambassador for religious freedom. Pence twice broke ties on nail-biter, party line, votes to ultimately confirm Brownback after months of delay. With the governor being whisked away from his Statehouse job, soon enough, Lt.


Anonymous said...

He's still hanging around the Capital

I guess he really wants that door to hit him in the ass on his way out.

Anonymous said...

I understand that, after Brownback had his last meeting with Trump, the President decided that Topeka would be a better location for the "Embassy For Religious Freedom" than having it operating out of Washington, DC.

The search is underway for a vacant storefront location downtown near the Capitol right now.

Anonymous said...

A vacant storefront and Topeka? How will they ever find such a place in Sam's 'the sun is always shining' utopia?

I guess if you need to coordinate with overseas shitholes, best to do it from an American one like Topeka.