Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Kansas City Winter 2018 Cinematography

Take a look at this IMPRESSIVE collection of sights from Youtube creator Sam Lutz which offers an essential perspective on real life in Downtown Kansas City.


Anonymous said...

Sam must of got a new editing program and wants to demonstrate his lack of skills.

Seriously, did I miss something?
What the heck is IMPRESSIVE?

Real KC said...

Okay, let's see some links to your work so we can judge what you've got!

Personally, I think Sam is showing a lot of talent and skill. His pacing and shot selection is pro and his cit are on point.

But if you can do better, then post a link to your stuff 7:35 and we can see for ourselves. If you don't link your work then you are just being a bitch.

Anonymous said...

This must have been taken during a downtown convention because there were so many people out on the streets!

KCMO gets what, is it 27 million visitors a year?

Did Ronnie Burt get fired yet?

Anonymous said...

I agree with 7:35.
My 12yr old can do that simple shit on his iphone.