Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Kansas City Wednesday Night News Layout

Tonight we lament Kimmie K taking flak for sharing a glimpse of her EPIC booty - A treasure of the modern era which inspires this quick peek at Kansas City MSM news links right now.


Kansas City Housing Crisis Continues

More than 13,000 waiting for affordable housing in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Right now, 13,607 people are waiting for affordable housing in Kansas City, and the housing authority says it could take up to three years for some to get a place to live.

Urban Core Involvement

State of the Northeast Forum draws large crowd

On the night President Donald Trump addressed the nation with his first State of the Union address, nearly a dozen Kansas City political and law enforcement leaders participated in a State of the Northeast Forum inside the packed gymnasium of Our Lady of Peace church.

Peddling Local Progress

KCMO cutting costs for property owners to install bike racks

KANSAS CITY, MO. - Outside Sloop Dental Co. in Brookside there are two unique bike racks that are a hit with patients. "People love to bike around here and that's a long-term stability of East Brookside is bike-ability and walkability," Dr. Jackie Sloop, owner of Sloop Dental Co. said Wednesday.

JaxCo Toss-Up Debate

Residents skeptical about whether Jackson County jail search for contraband was necessary

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A coordinated joint search was conducted Wednesday morning at the Jackson County Detention Center, but some people are questioning that decision. About 30 personnel from the Jackson County Sheriff's Department and the JCDC's Corrections Emergency Response Team were involved in the joint initiative.

Kansas City Funnyman Conversation

Show Me | Jason Sudeikis

Season three of "Show Me" kicks off with actor and comedian Jason Sudeikis back in his hometown. Often wearing one of many KC hats, Sudeikis is proud to call Kansas City home. See what keeps him coming back year after year and why he thinks Kansas City may be the new hub for what's happening next.

Kansas City Winter Seesaw Report

Cold front sends temperatures plummeting into Thursday

Keep an eye for the chance for snow on Sunday.

Fake Gronk Not For Sure

Travis Kelce says Chiefs don't know yet what to expect out of Patrick Mahomes

Early this morning KC Chiefs TE Travis Kelce was on the Dan Patrick Show and seemed, frankly, sad about the Alex Smith trade. You'd expect the sadness that his quarterback is gone but Kelce is an upbeat guy so it was noticeable that this trade was affecting him.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

13,000 need housing and Mayor Sylvester picks his teeth and does a song and dance then tells KCPD to kill more people.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

How can Kansas City be a good place to live when you hate each other so much?

Bowtied Silverback said...

The Kardashians have been ridden by more black men than the underground railroad.

Anonymous said...

Pow!!! ^^^^ Kardashians love the black railroad. Choo choo

Midtown KC Chester said...

I'd still love it and give it a SQUEEZE!

Anonymous said...

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Bowtied Silverback said...

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