Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Kansas City Tuesday Evening Link Look

Lots more to talk about tonight but let's offer celebration of Lucy and a peek at some of these Kansas City links for right now. Take a look:

Apropos For Kansas City Arctic Temps

Penguin chick now on display at KC Zoo

A king penguin chick is now on display at the Kansas City Zoo. The chick, named Louis, hatched on Nov. 8, after the zoo was given the egg by the St. Louis Zoo and incubated at the Kansas City Zoo. Louis was hand raised behind the scenes by zookeepers.

Rock Chalk Space Man

The University Of Kansas Student Who Wants To Be A Martian

Bailey Miller, an engineering graduate student at the University of Kansas, has a compelling goal: to be among the first astronauts to land on Mars. He's off to a good start. Miller was the leader of a seven-member team that won an international competition hosted by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

New Kansas Cash Crop???

Advocates of industrial hemp production, research shift focus to Kansas Senate

Advocates of industrial hemp production in Kansas sought support Tuesday for members of the Kansas Senate with a bill making it legal for state universities to conduct research on a plant capable of being processed into food, fabric, paper and other materials.

Local Boozy Biz Report

Tap List | Whalez Candles Launched With Hunt for Elusive Craft Beers

Matt Wiley quietly launched Whalez Candles in late 2017 as a side project. Unlike commercial candle lines with a uniform look and packaging, Wiley uses empty bottles and cans of hard-to-obtain brands of craft beer to make his candles from scratch.

Show-Me Lower Pay Lesson

Missouri Teachers Making Slightly More Than Last Year, But Less Than National Average

Missouri teachers have made incremental salary gains since last school year, but educator pay continues to trail the national average. The average Missouri teacher is making $49,760 for the 2017-18 school year, according to a Missouri State Teacher Association report on educator pay.

JoCo #MeToo Chicken Little???
Overland Park #MeToo Push Back

Overland Park police to file charges against woman who made false report of assault on Indian Creek Trail

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Overland Park police say they will file charges against a woman who filed an unfounded report of assault on the Indian Creek Trail last weekend. Police said a woman reported she had been assaulted early Saturday morning on the trail near Lamar and West 103rd Street in Overland Park.

TV News Goes All Buzzfeed

Unique Date Night Ideas in Kansas City

What's more Kansas City than BBQ? Well, Char Bar combined award-winning BBQ with beer and lawn games for a combination that can't be beat for a distinctive date night. After you fill up on "slow and low" cooked meat and "Meat Mitch" sauces, step into the backyard for a friendly game of croquet, ping pong, bocce ball or cornhole.

Old School Streetcar Economy

Streetcar expansion spurred development of this Squier Park block

Many parts of what is now Midtown Kansas City are called "streetcar suburbs," and this block of the Squier Park neighborhood from Forest to Tracy between 36 th and 37th demonstrates the impact the transit system had upon development.

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