Thursday, January 11, 2018

Kansas City Thursday Night News Fire

We keep the fire on #TBT with this classic shot of Heidi hotness from not so long ago as we review some of the also important Kansas City MSM links tonight. Take a peek:

KCPD Chief Stands With Mayor Sly
KCMO Mayor, Chief of Police stand together against violent crime
Kansas City "Skirmish" Aftermath

NKC police officer suffers head injury after foot chase, shooting

The North Kansas City Police Department is investigating after an officer was injured Thursday afternoon after a foot chase and shooting. Police were originally called to the area near Orleans Circle and Quebec in the Sunny Hills Apartment Complex around 4 p.m. to investigate a "threats" call.

Contradicting Kansas City Streetcar With Supply Side Economics

Lower Taxes, not Streetcars, Drive Development

In a piece last month from KCUR titled Planned Streetcar Extension Spurs Redevelopment Of Midtown Kansas City Hotel, the author asserts that the streetcar drives development. The facts do not support the title or the lede.The piece begins with the following claim:

Local Social Media Video Instruction

Comical video shows just how NKC schools landed its first snow day of 2018

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A comical video added to YouTube Thursday shows how North Kansas City Schools arrived at their decision to cancel classes as icy conditions loomed over the metro. The video starts by showing Superintendent Dan Clemens sitting at a desk with two options in front of him -- snow day or no snow day.

Kansas City Teaching Moment

Education Corporation of America acquires 2 Kansas City colleges - Kansas City Business Journal

Education Corp. of America, a for-profit chain of colleges, will acquire 14 campuses from Vatterott Educational Centers Inc., which operates two private accredited colleges in Kansas City. Kansas City Vatterott, a trade college at 4131 N. Corrington Ave., and L'Ecole Culinaire, a culinary school at 310 Ward Parkway, will remain open and are two of the 14 Vatterott schools that ECA is acquiring.

Kansas City Chiefs Fans Repeat Their Mantra: We'll Get'em Next Season!!!

Kansas City Chiefs: 5 reasons Chiefs will be better in 2018

Just like that the 2017 season came to an abrupt stop for the Kansas City Chiefs. Another season of excitement and blind hope manifested into yet another year of tears and frustration. Embarrassing playoff losses hang over Chiefs Kingdom like the winter clouds and fans are left waiting for next year once again.

Retro Kansas City Ice Rink

MoDOT warns of refreezing as crews monitor roads overnight for slick spots

Its a well-oiled machine at the Missouri Department of Transportation's KC Scout Traffic Operations Center where staff is monitoring multiple cameras for any problems on the roads. There were 200 dump trucks out salting roads Thursday morning. Now, crews are in the monitoring phase and only salting areas as needed.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

TKC now pimping for the lobbyists with Show Me Institute.

What's the going kickback on click throughs to this garbage?

Anonymous said...

Linking to sites you don't agree with is not "pimping," trolley boy.

Anonymous said...

That’s a good picture of the chief and gay sLIE “standing together against crime” gay sLIE must be ten feet away from the chief! Lmao!

Bowtied Silverback said...

Maybe they can hold hands as they dive behind bushes on the Plaza

Tracy Thomas said...

So let me get this straight:
Governor Greitens used bondage to tie his mistress to exercise equipment in his basement. And he is accused of blackmail. And that's disgusting.

But on Fox 4, they celebrate bondage as if it is a "joke", with the NKC School Superintendent who is bound up by students, in a spoof about whether or not he should give up Missouri taxes for one day (districts are not paid when they are not in session) by calling for a Snow Day.

Seems like NKC is sending the wrong message to impressionable students. And we wonder why they don't seem to get that bullying, extortion and group think hazing etc. is wrong.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS: The police chief and mayor stand together against violent crime ....and they wish to hell someone would do something about it.

Stay turned fore more .....bullshit!

Anonymous said...

8:51 & 9:15 are the type of comments that have me checking here for the laughs. Tracy, you sometimes, give us fun reads with intriguing biographical and historical stuff. But, in regards to this silly stunt with the NKC school super...lighten up. Teens see much shady sh*t on sitcoms, social media, at movies, and likely, at home. Good kids know what's decent in real life, and the goofs that don't will get their hard knocks kind of schooling.

Anonymous said...

STFU Dick Tracy

Anonymous said...

Mayor James is for violent crime, he has proven that in the past with his pizza parties to reward black kids for their behavior. Have they stopped mobbing the Plaza????? NO

You want to blame someone, blame Sly James. His son is the perfect example, and Sly James is the perfect example of a DEAD BEAT DAD and he wants to curb a city against crime? LOL

Anonymous said...

Suggestion to North Kansas City - seen if you can't somehow get a few of the KCMOPD Officers to drive down from either the Liberty or Platte City KCPD Stations where they spend all shift hanging out, and ask them to sweep the woods south of Parvin Road and west of I-35 to drive the hobos out of the encampments they have set up in that "KCMO City Parkland Wilderness".

As the bums cross the city limits into NKC, round them up and give them a free lift South of the River.

That will cut down on this sort of behavior for a while and will have the side effect of making the NKC Public Library smell better.