Thursday, January 25, 2018

Kansas City Thursday Morning News Stretch

Once again we start the morning with classic Jordan as we reach across the metro to snag some of the top MSM news links for right now. Take a peek:

Kansas City Morning Traffic Shut Down

EB I-70 closed past Van Brunt after injury accident

Police have closed eastbound Interstate 70 past Van Brunt Boulevard after a crash left one person in critical condition early Thursday morning.

Kansas City Old School Strange Brew
Circus grounds and beer
KCPS Lesson In Cray

A Family's Struggle With Schizophrenia, And A KCPS Update With Supertintendent Bedell

It took Sandra Allen a few years but when she finally read the 60-page autobiographical manuscript her paranoid schizophrenic uncle Bob sent her, she found a lens into his creative, curious and sometimes discombobulating mind. Today, Allen reflects on what her uncle's life reveals about mental health in America.

Little Live For Veterans

Community of tiny homes will open soon at 89th and Troost to help local homeless veterans

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Local homeless veterans who need help putting a roof back over their head will soon have access to a community designed for this purpose. The Veterans Community Project has spent the past two years planning and constructing a village of tiny homes at 89th and Troost, and on Monday the first veteran will move in.

Local Grass Man Winning

Kansas City groundskeeper heading to the Super Bowl

George is the only Super Bowl groundskeeper in the history of the game!

Kansas City's Greatest Jazz Man

KCUR's Band Of The Week: Lonnie McFadden

A consummate entertainer, Lonnie McFadden is a Kansas City institution. He's best known as the trumpet-playing half of the tap-dancing McFadden Brothers, in which Lonnie and his brother, Ronnie McFadden, entertain Las Vegas-style in the vein of Sammy Davis Jr. and Louis Prima.

TKC Reader Share: Bubba's Last Chance

Let's review the underwhelming options in centerfield

The Royals have a rich tradition of centerfielders from Amos Otis to Willie Wilson to Carlos Beltrán. Lorenzo Cain has patrolled centerfield with elite defense at Kauffman Stadium for the last six years, but barring a surprising development on the free agent market, there will be a new centerfielder tracking down flyballs this season.

Bill Withers - Just The Two Of Us is the #TBT song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

hope bubba can turn it around!

Anonymous said...

Homeless veterans 4 blocks away from those killing field apartments at 85th & Troost? What could go wrong?

Anonymous said...

They aren't homeless. They live in tiny houses.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I fuck a girl with big tits I fantasise it is Jordan I am fucking

Anonymous said...

Most homeless vets are drunks and druggies. They are responsible for their own predicaments. Take responsibility for your own failures. The government owes you nothing! Quit playing the victim! Pull yourself up! This is Trump's America now, and we don't have time for a culture of victimization. Thy're no better than the blacks! Help yourself people!

Anonymous said...

George Toma probably can't walk very well and may even have trouble seeing because of age but the man can make a football field look better than any other person on earth. Congratulations GT.

The McFadden brothers are awesome! Find their show and go have a great night of entertainment. They're the best.

Anonymous said...

@7:08AM I think you meant "Whenever I fuck a girl, its a fantasy" That's what you meant right?

Anonymous said...

I found a Country Club Beer/M.K. Goetz folding can punch and bottle opener in my attic last summer.

Anonymous said...

Tiny homes at 89th and Troost ? Are they equipped with machine gun turrets ?