Sunday, January 07, 2018

Kansas City Sunday Night Link Smile

Tonight we check in with angelic Adriana hotness and some of the top stories from today. Take a peek:

Kansas City Journalism Deadline

Remembering Mike McGraw, A Longtime Investigative Reporter In Kansas City

For Mike McGraw, it was always about the story, never about his ego. He was a relentless truth teller, a reporter who, once having latched on to a subject, wouldn't let go until he got to the bottom of the matter. He was offended by injustice, despised phoniness and had no patience for pieties and platitudes.

Kansas City Fanboy Frustrations

Referee Jeff Triplette reportedly retiring after questionable performance in NFL playoffs

Saturday afternoon featured some very fun NFL playoff football, but the early game between the Titans and Chiefs was marred by some horrendous officiating. The primary culprit? Head official Jeff Triplette, who repeatedly bumbled calls on the mic after repeatedly blowing plays dead early and lacking control over the game in general.

Traffic Tragedy Today

KCK Police investigating a fatal crash near 34th and State

This story is developing

Local College Lady Tribute

19-year-old from Liberty killed inside bar after vehicle runs into building

A 19-year-old college student from Liberty, Missouri was killed in a bar on Sunday when a vehicle hit the front of the building and injured her. The incident happened around 12:40 a.m. at The Palms in Maryville, Missouri.

Help Locate This Local Dude

Merriam Police asking for help to find missing 25-year-old man

The Merriam Police Department is asking for help to find a missing 25-year-old man. Police said Isaac Lowe is missing, and they are concerned that he may harm himself. He was last seen driving a black 2002 Ford Escort. Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is asked to call 913-782-0720.

Dead-Tree Reports Social Media Beef

Chiefs fans roast team over Big Mac tweet

If the Chiefs had held on to win Saturday night's AFC Wild Card Game, this tweet would have received a much better reaction. But as we all know, the Chiefs lost 22-21 to the Titans at Arrowhead Stadium. One of big plays that went against the Chiefs was Derrick Johnson's sack of Marcus Mariota that appeared to result in a fumble.

Forecast To Really Start 2018

Foggy start, warmer temperatures for your work week

Check out those 50's on Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

That ref should NEVER be allowed in the hall of fame.

He basically threw a game.

Anonymous said...

Bet he made a lot of money

Anonymous said...

If the chiefs were any good the ref’s decision’s wouldn’t have affected the game, sorry folks, blaming the loss on a ref is missing the point. The chiefs stumbled into the playoffs in a division that sucked so bad they handed the division title to us and we almost choked that away, we have a team full of average players with the only person you could say that played above average was the quarterback that everybody wants replaced. What the hell does that tell you. Most chiefs fans are blind to the problems that plague this team, mediocrity, and once again they proved it doesn’t get them very far.

KC Fan I Am said...

^^^ best comment I've read about the Chiefs all weekend. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Super Dave been saying the same thing all weekend. Won't post it in here saying you idiots can't read and understand as it is.

Anonymous said...

But Super Dave is brain damaged.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Wrong @ 4:37!
Super Dave is a "STABLE GENIUS"!

Simple Dave said...

I've got a gu-gu-gu-gud brain!