Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Kansas City Southwest Comeback?!?!

A local education Renaissance in the making in a neighborhood that was glad to see it's demise . . . Read more:

Kansas City Public Schools And Coalition In Talks On Middle School At Southwest High

Kansas City Public Schools leaders are open to the possibility of reopening Southwest High in partnership with a community coalition that's been campaigning for months in the Brookside and Waldo neighborhoods. But the Uniting at Southwest movement will have to shift its focus from a project-based learning high school to middle school.


Anonymous said...

good luck to them.

Anonymous said...

Great another building full of future section 8 living food stamp eating welfare check cashing Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Brookside won’t let that happen again

Anonymous said...

Southwest was the number 3 High School in the country in the 1960's.

Teddy Kennedy and Democrats killed the education for all of our children in this country, with "BUSING".

We should dig that miserable fuck up and drown his ass like he killed that little girl.

Teddy's kids, NEVAR got bused.

Fuck Democrats.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a campaign to encourage flying Southwest Airlines...