Thursday, January 25, 2018

Kansas City Ruckus Thursday Roundup

Tonight's GOLD STANDARD of Kansas City discourse takes on both Guv Brownback & Guv Greitens along with the streetcar and the government shut down aftermath.

Take a look:

You decide . . .


WTF said...

Can someone please tell me what it is that Annie Presley does that qualifies her to share here "expert" opinion about politics.

Don't give me that consultant garbage. Writing 75 dollar checks at fundraisers does NOT make you a political strategist. Not even in Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

Four intelligent individuals on the panel, a rare happening on Ruckus.
And as a bonus, they're all cordial.

Hey, 9:31 comment, please don't get rid of Presley as I think she's the only Republican female to ever appear on Ruckus. If you get rid of her, then you have to get rid of at least 6 Democrat "consultants" who regularly rotate through this program.

Bowtied Silverback said...

ummm I find Danedri to be quite republican.

Anonymous said...

You just don't like Presley because she is intelligent something that you don't have from the democrat women.

Anonymous said...

I like Presley.

This was an a damn good show for a change!

Anonymous said...

10:17 comment

Excellent memory! Ok, that makes two, have there ever been any others? Oh, I think McConwell is also, so that's three.

Contrast those 3 Republican women (Presley,Herbert,McConwell) with the Democrats:
Grant, O'Halloran, Kendrix, Garza, Wheeler, Simons, Johnston

It's still more than a 2-to-1 lopsided ratio!

Tracy Thomas said...

Good Ruckus show this week.
Thanks, Tony, for always posting it, makes it fast to find, and listen to while I prepare meals...
And Annie Pressley is fine. Smart.

The show is obviously catering to the Missouri side, where KCPT listeners predominantly live. So makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Very lively discussion with four outstanding, articulate panelists! Mike was also superb (as usual) moderating and challenging the group.

I really wish they could narrow down the panelists to these top notch types rather than each week being a complete crapshoot for viewers – sometimes you get fantastic (like this week), other times the panels are just lackluster and boring.

It is pretty obvious which panelists are duds (from other weeks) and which are stars. Let's hope they can drop the duds.