Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Kansas City Royals Pitcher Guilty Of DUI And Endures Johnson County Wrist Slap

Aftermath of local celebrity enduring far less hassle than his working-class fans who usually suffer a major financial hit fighting DUI charges. The fine and proaion probably don't amount to lunch money for this local hero. Read more:

Royals pitcher Danny Duffy pleads guilty to DUI

Royals pitcher Danny Duffy has pleaded guilty to driving under the influence in Overland Park and has been placed on a year's probation. Sean Reilly, a spokesman for the city of Overland Park said Tuesday Duffy entered the plea last week and will pay $1,220 in fines and court fees.


Anonymous said...

Not surprised.
That $1200 fine will break him.

Anonymous said...

If I had to play for any KC team, I'd drink too.

Anonymous said...

Its not unusual or out of line with what others get....its a nothing story...sorry folks, ive put to many drunks in jail over the years and this is the reality. And unless he does it again its the right thing to do

Anonymous said...

@2:46Pm...I see your point. Two World Series appearances and one world championship in the last four years. Times are hard. Fucking idiot.