Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Kansas City Royals Offer Big Bucks To Keep Eric Hosmer & Bygone World Series Branding

Contrast this info with the pittance they pay teachers . . . Also, here's the home team bulking up season ticket sales for housewives and not focusing on the future. Read more:

Eric Hosmer offered seven-year, $147 million deal to return to Royals

Eric Hosmer, coveted all winter by the San Diego Padres, now has another surprising small-market team going head-to-head for his services. Yes, his old team. The Kansas City Royals have offered Hosmer a franchise-record seven-year, $147 million contract, persons close to Hosmer told USA TODAY Sports on the condition of anonymity since negotiations are still undergoing.


Anonymous said...

No. We won't contrast this with the pittance paid to teachers because that's a false equivalency dope. You're only worth what the marketplace will pay. That's capitalism. His skills determine he is worth 147 million, your skills on the other hand, determine you aren't worth shit. This is America. Deal with it!

Anonymous said...

Don't do it.

Anonymous said...

All those people who complain about athlete salaries never complain about how much actors, actresses, singers and TV journalists. I suppose since these groups are mostly liberals they are worth it.

11:31 is right, there are only 750 people on the planet who have the skills to play major league baseball at any one time. But most every occupation people complain about being underpaid could be performed by millions.

Anonymous said...

Royalty gets Loyalty ..Idols at work.. 15 $ beers for all.

Anonymous said...

It's more a general critique of society's values. Yes, at the current time we celebrate our bread and circuses beyond all reason, particularly the circuses.

You know 'bread and circuses' right? It was the old Roman method of keeping their population fat, docile, and obsessed with shit that doesn't matter.

Enjoy your chariot race, stupid. ;)

Anonymous said...

^^^Just because it doesn't matter to you dope, doesn't mean it doesn't matter to others. There is nothing worse than a pompous ass who thinks he knows best. That's you moron if you can't get the gist. I don't know why other people feel they have to give their worthless opinions about what "shit" matters and what doesn't. Let me break this down for you rube: nobody and I mean nobody gives a fuck what you think. Got that? Class dismissed simp. Away with you!

Anonymous said...

How funny. Presented with a cogent point, your response is a babbling insult. Yawn.

'Pompous', then, is your word for anyone who knows more than you. You must use it an awful lot. :)

Caesar thanks you! Keep sniffin' them jockstraps!

Anonymous said...

If he gets $147 million that weather slut that dumped him will be slinking back into the picture.

Anonymous said...

Comparisons don't really work. The top baseball (and other professional athlete) salaries are a joke, period.

It's not supply and demand. Millions CAN and DO play baseball as recreation. It's a choice to pay the top 50 in the world tens of millions annually to play. There are millions of teachers, but do we pay the top 50 teachers in the world that type of salary. No.

It's not a wealth or value added occupation. What does an athlete add to society beside entertainment? Maybe some extra charity. Maybe some advertising value to sell products.

Compare that to teachers that empower generations of children to read, calculate math, and critically think. Each teacher imparts thousands of students with the intellectual tools to become doctors, engineers, scientists, inventors, programmers, writers, businesses and industry experts, etc. The wealth created by the value of an education provided to society is incalculable.

Lastly, the wealth gap is systemic and a problem in most professions that generate large revenue. A CEO should not make thousands of times more than rank and file employees. A movie star should not make millions when the grunts on set make only basic scale and theater works get crap. A couple Royals should not make millions when the part time parking lot attendants and food service people make minimum wage.

It takes thousands of people to create these entertainment products. The revenue needs to be more evenly distributed.

Before everyone goes into full commie mode, I'm not advocating equal wages across the board. Just fair wages. Revolutions happen when people can't get living wages that can provide housing, basic health care, and education; but a few elites are living in palaces. A CEO can still be the highest paid at a company while providing good wages to the entire workforce.

Anonymous said...

I think fast food workers are way overpaid. So are postal workers.

Anonymous said...

So if we draw 2 million fans in a good year and he makes $21 mil a year that equates to $10.50 a ticket for just one stinking player. Look how the Alex Gordon deal worked for us last year!

Anonymous said...

Dude do you ever shut up? You got fucking destroyed, yet you keep running your mouth. Have you ever wondered why you have no friends?