Monday, January 29, 2018

Kansas City Offers Fountain Promises With Nearly One BILLION Of GO BOND Cash

Sidewalk improvements are stalled, winter streets are FILLED WITH POTHOLES, there's a water-main-break crisis but today City Hall is pushing silly fountain news and offering Springtime hope with big money. Don't forget another PIAC vote for additional taxpayer cash is coming up, too . . .

Kansas City wants all its public fountains flowing by springtime

The city manager wants all 48 of the publicly-maintained fountains flowing by April 10. The city's Parks and Recreation Department said this would be the first time in recent memory all the city's fountains were on at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Better get the water line break on Ward Pky fixed it's a whopper and that's a flood area anyway it's starting to erode the street so lookout.

But hey, go bond money well spent to get those fountains up an running.....NOT

Anonymous said...

I think they've finally figured out the oldsters will live longer and be around here longer then most if not all of the millennial's.