Monday, January 22, 2018

Kansas City Northland Activism: Celebrate Clay County Audit Petition Progress!!!

Here's just a bit of insight into a Northland petition effort that's making waves across the metro and might lead to an audit of a local government body that has been embroiled in scandal for about a year. Take a look:

Growing Grassroots Movement Asking for Accountability in Clay County Government

Over the last couple of years I've become good friends with Jason Withington. Jason's one of those guys that cares about his community and isn't afraid to get involved. We need more of those people. They're often in short demand. I'm quite impressed with the work he has done on trying to organize a petition...


Anonymous said...

There will not be accountability until there are consequences. Wasting more tax payer money for finger pointing privileges is absurd.

Jesse James said...

This petition is another tactic in the plan of Jeff Roe and his developer clients to return Clay County to the control of a few developers.

Mr. Palmer, blog writer, is a former teacher. Is he now a full-time blogger in the employ of a Clay County developer? Does he have a new gig?

He is now promoting Nolte for re-election. Nolte is a sock puppet for the developers and their consultants who want to control Clay County. Nolte has tried to create as much controversy as possible to discredit the other officeholders.

This has been a longtime strategy to defeat the others and regain control of Clay County. Millions of dollars in TIF and other incentives are at stake.

The voters have noticed Nolte's effort to wreck Clay County.

Anonymous said...

And trust me, the voters have also noted Ridgeway and Owens blatant and disgusting attempts to hijack the government for their clique of developers.

This is nothing but a "War Of Political Whores", with the citizens of the County as the "collateral damage"!