Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Kansas City Mike McGraw Journalism Eulogy

Most of the grief expressed in the passing of this local newsie has been self-congratulatory tripe that's mostly aimed at lamenting the demise of newspapers . . . HOWEVER, this worthwhile confessional takes a far more personal tone and offers a real world perspective on the last days of a professional covering the news. Checkit:

Mickey's Empty Seat

On Saturday, Jan. 6, our special projects reporter, Mike McGraw, passed away after a brief battle with cancer. "Mickey," as he was known, was 69. He came here to Kansas City PBS after "retirement" from a stellar journalism career. He won a Pulitzer Prize, our profession's highest honor, during his 30 years at The Kansas City Star.


Tracy Thomas said...

Wonderful links like this are why I read TKC. Thanks, Tony, for posting.

Anonymous said...

McGraw had more integrity in his pinky than a busload of Tony Botellos. A real journalist versus a forty something wannabe. Why would you pay this shitheel a compliment?

Tracy Thomas said...

Easy, 3:06.
I praised Tony because he took the time to post the link, which I would never have seen otherwise.

It's a new year, 3:06.
Why do you read this blog, if you are so against, Tony.

Let's start a new year. Let's praise what we like.