Thursday, January 18, 2018

Kansas City Metro Utilities Soon To Offer EPIC Prez Trump Tax Break Payout?!?!

Possibly the only bit of good news worth highlighting for local broke-ass denizens today. Take a peek:

KCP&L, Westar ask to deliver $165M in tax savings to customers - Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas City Power & Light Co. and Westar Energy Inc. plan to pass along their tax savings to customers. Kansas City-based Great Plains Energy Inc. (NYSE: GXP), the parent company of KCP&L, and Topeka-based Westar (NYSE: WR) continue to seek a merger of equals.


Polar Bear said...

While Cheeto Rump-a-Trump may well be a walking douche bag, the orange haired fucker is good for business. A 26,000 stock market, 401k's are doing fantastic, companies are bringing money back into the US and paying the government huge money. Apple just paid 38 billion and brought back three hundred and some billion of offshore dollars. Nope, the Orange Buffoon has got the support of the Polar Bear because he is putting money in peoples pockets. That's a lot better than what the Kenyan ever did.

Just trying to help said...

^^^ Actually agree. That's strange. But your avatar is stupid.

Anonymous said...

To allow the merger to go forward without protections for distributed solar and forward programs for real options to the huge monopoly being hypothetically created would be a policy failure. Allow the merger with great terms for independent solar and electric vehicle programs and infrastructure. So far by extending a non granted monopoly into new markets, the utility has exceeded their bounds. The people want options, the utility wants to take those away. Let's see where the Chamber comes down on this, probably whoever gives them more money