Monday, January 22, 2018

Kansas City #MeToo Guide

Here's a glimpse at the issues confronting women who have been harassed and a perspective which reveals that workplace persecution is only the beginning of challenges confronting victims.

Take a look:

Uncommon Courage: Sexually Harassed at Work - What Should You Do?


"Are you going to just take it, and feel horrible about yourself? Are you going to ask to move to a different supervisor or department, while worrying about the next women under his clutches? Should you quit and quietly go away? Or, should you go to his boss or Human Resources and report him, while realizing he may retaliate against you or the boss may not believe you.

"You have a dilemma and there are no guarantees that if you report, the workplace will be fixed. I know how hard it is to report a harasser. I know it’s even harder to either file a charge of discrimination with the EEOC or Missouri Commission on Human Rights, or even harder to seek legal counsel. 

There is no easy solution."

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

It's not about celebrities or disgraced politicians. The "movement" might be a good thing because it has us thinking about what our wives and daughters have to endure just to make a living.

Work is hard enough without some creep making life even harder.

chuck said...

Lynn has the feed bag on and heads toward the trough with a healthy appetite. Lawyers all over America are feeling just a bit peckish and, with the recent Metoo movement, the Pavlovian slobbering from the legal profession is frenetic as the sharks need to feed.

"When did you stop beating your wife and sexually harassing your fellow workers?"

Accusations are all that is needed.

Get out your checkbooks and put on a "Pussy Hat".

Anonymous said...

Most of them are complete sluts who willingly spread their legs and got fucked with the hope it would benefit their careers.

Anonymous said...

Yes Lynne is trolling for more work again. Trying to find clients who are willing to point a finger and force where they work to fork over a settlement because a trial would probably be lost due to a jury wanting to believe a liar. Ambulance chasing style lawyering.

Anonymous said...

The #MeToo women are whores and their lawyers are whores too.

Anonymous said...

Think about the poor women that know the blog contributor that is fixated with filling diapers.

Anonymous said...


Secretary who gives head. No experience necessary. Will train. Must be able to work in a demanding fast paced environment. Qualified applicants receive a generous benefits package and a company car after successful completion of a 90 day probationary period. We are an equal opportunity employer. Must be able to read and understand English.

Anonymous said...

Ok..but whore! Oh the whores! whoring whore! You Ho! No ho! Whorey mcwhore face. No rage! Raging whore! me too! Not me! No whores! Whore! Whore! Whore! Whores! Women are whores. Women are not whores! Oh yea! Yea! Ho's ho's ho' Boats and ho's!!! Boats and ho's. Pussy hats! Ha ha ha ha. Blah blah blah!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of feed bags and slobbering. I see that dimwit Chuck woke up from his latest drunken stupor. Go back to sleep dumb ass.

Anonymous said...


"HIS hands off you"
"HE massages"
"HE rubs"
"HE tells you"
"HE makes lewd suggestions"
"HE might even grind HIS pelvis"
"if I ignore HIM"
"give HIM a dirty look, HE will stop"
"HE'S not going to stop"
"about the next women under HIS clutches"
"HIS boss or Human Resources and report HIM, while realizing HE may"


Anonymous said...

I only feel sorry for the #Butnotme girls.

Me Three? said...

^^^ OUCH!

Anonymous said...

10:55 Please thank your husbun for turning in an application.