Monday, January 22, 2018


Democratic Party talking points highlight this conversation offering a sneak peek of an upcoming citywide address from EXCEPTIONALLY CLEVER AND DECEPTIVE politico who has spent the vast majority of his tenure advancing the goals of developers and corporate cronies while employing progressive activist chatter to distract critics.


Mayor talks crime, education, racial issues at unofficial state of the city

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City Mayor Sly James highlighted the city's successes and challenges over the past year at an unofficial State of the City speech on Sunday. All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church on Walnut St. traditionally hosts the mayor to review the city's accomplishments and challenges over the past year.


Anonymous said...

Sparse crowd for the lame duck.

Serves him right.

Indian Creek Hate Crime Victims said...

Racial Issues. = That would be placing the blame for 150 murders a year by mostly blacks onto "Society" and sucking more cash out of middle class white tax payers for programs that enrich inner city thugs while accomplishing zero.

The "Violent crime is caused, not committed" by thugs, mantra goes forward, hand in hand with the Progressive narrative.

Rinse, wash, repeat...

Anonymous said...


Bowtied Silverback said...

Just another woe is me speech acting as if its whiteys fault for all the mistakes the black race chooses to make.

Anonymous said...

The City Counsel has to figure out that the future of the east side of this town is not going to benefit from Public Sector investment. Social issues of the magnitude we are talking about here are not fixed with funds coming from the City.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me the folks who are footing all the bills in this town need a little racial and social justice! Lets try going a year without handouts and raising all the bastard children.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bullhorn is comedy gold and never fails to bring the laughs. This routine is especially hilarious, as the guy who ignored the black community in service to developers attempts to lecture on social justice issues.

The streets bleed, Sly gets fatter. The clown show continues. It's a good thing almost no one takes the ambulance chaser in chief seriously. :)

Anonymous said...

Mayor James accomplishments: Put Kansas City on the highest crime city in the U.S. list.

Divided the city with political issues.

Let the city run down with broken water lines some in the same spot more than twice.

Watched as tenants left the Plaza area due to crime.

Let the streets get so bad you can't even see the lines to stay in your own lane, missing bricks and huge holes.

Did nothing to promote the city to get Amazon here, except buy a bunch of stuff and leave a rating. His incentives weren't enough over better cities.

Mayor James not good for Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

1102 mom wants you to take your MEDS now

Anonymous said...

@ 9:17am shut the fuck up you moron. Talk about diarrhea of the mouth. Dude, you are on fucked up individual. Do society a favor and eat a bullet.

Anonymous said...

Hrumph hrumph

Anonymous said...

The only social justice we need is for black people to stop sucking the life out of taxpayers by living off welfare.

Anonymous said...

After neglecting the topic of crime and improvement for the issues East of Holmes for much of a decade, Sly is trying to warm up an agenda for his future aspirations. Certainly no one would hire him for his management skill, or business acumen.

Doesn't he realize that after getting gonged on the Burns and Mac foisted fix he is a wounded lame duck, now routinely disregarded as being a player in any go forward. Probably looking to be given a cozy job with the ATA if the National plays don't turn out. Or the usual suspects will give him some kind of revolving door inside layup, such as Burns and Mac, Dunn, KCPL, you know the usual suspects. It rings pretty hollow when he brings this up at the end of term, more posing than doing, hopefully the media is getting tired of his photo ops without accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Sylvester, but if you're really interested in the issues of crime, education, and race relations, why exactly were you enthusiastically supporting the Presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton?


Hillary Clinton's email advice regarding black voters:
"Keep them starved"
"Keep them blind"
"Keep them stupid"

Poor STUPID Sylvester James!
Raised in a broken family.
Educated in predominately white Catholic schools.
Married a white woman, fathered a gay son, marriage failed in divorce, abandoned his gay son.
Joining the military saved his life.
Made a career out of suing people/corporations.
Married another white woman.
One of his sons had substance abuse issues, and repeated arrests, because Sylvester wasn't taking care of business at home.
Has repeatedly chosen to put his wants and needs above others.
Term as Mayor has been marked by huge tax increases, wasteful spending on unnecessary projects, extensive graft and corruption, failing infrastructure, abandonment of East-side, etc.


Anonymous said...

^^Too long didn't read.

Anonymous said...

“Crime is a symptom, the disease is poverty, hopelessness, lack of educational and economic opportunity," said Mayor James." Until we actually address those issues, we are going to continue to have crime,” said James.

Aren’t you somewhat responsible to fix these things? Cry me a river gay sLIE, why did you wait till now after all these years to say something about this? The racial problem is blacks and you know it.

Anonymous said...

^^Yes but if democrims be repubtarding about sLie who lied than what of the inner-city hood ratz who along with the Barrybathouse gang butt-Boi's tranny bitches be trippin with blackity mcblack face? KC is killa city fo sho baby with a progessive repubtard agenda that can best be defined as sLie he did not! Oh yea...oh No! Rage on raging ragerson.

SKC said...

If the mayor was serious about public safety, he would support the police department.

Turns out he's only really concerned about photo opportunities and his social media numbers.

Anonymous said...

Whats the matter 2:09, that KCPS education not working out to well for you. Maybe Tony will start letting us post pictures for those of you who have reading issues.

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Anonymous said...

"Ethics Battle" who you going to get that qualifies for that ?