Saturday, January 13, 2018

Kansas City Mayor Sly Harvard Conversation

Mayor Sylvester “Sly” James, Jr. was recently an Institute of Politics Visiting Fellow at Harvard. His visit offered insight into Urban Innovation and Leadership. In this quick clip he offers perspective on this tenure so far without much mention of the local murder rate and increasing opposition on the new airport.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

I'll give him credit. Sly might be the greatest flim-flam man KC has ever seen.

Anonymous said...

The only thing Mayor Bullhorn can offer perspective on is how an ambulance chasing grifter clown can be a good servant to blocs of capital rather than providing leadership.

And how to overeat. And duck gunfire.

Jameson said...

I was hoping he would be a more business friendly Mayor but the only help he has provided has been to just a small handful of his biggest donors, KC needs more work than just kickbacks for the local firms.

Anonymous said...

Jameson he has been good for the pizza business.

Anonymous said...

James has also been very good for the balloon, candle, and vigil business.
But if you're a regular resident of KCMO or a small business trying to make a go of it....
Forget it!
Just keep those property, sales, and e-tax payments coming. There are always some new insider and contributor deals to subsidize.

Anonymous said...

The "Sylvester Sly" has brought back Line Dancing!

Anonymous said...

Gay sLIE is the fucking worst

Anonymous said...


Citizen Satisfaction Survey: Citizens had repeatedly rated their experience at KCI at or very near the TOP of all city services provided (MOST SATISFIED). So what does CORRUPT SYLVESTER, FLUNKY TROY, and NO JUSTUS do? They begin scheming in secret to tear down the terminals and give a no-bid billion-dollar contract to CORRUPT SYLVESTER's sugar-daddy.

Abandoned Derelict Structures? Please!
Who remembers CORRUPT SYLVESTER's photo-op sitting in the cab of a backhoe, promising to tear down KC's abandoned houses? He and FLUNKY TROY quickly forgot about it, and broke their promises. A documentary was made to shame them for their colossal failure.

He Only Wanted To Be Mayor?
Of course! Because his ego is bigger than his waistline. He thinks starting on the Council is for fools and losers. "When you're standing still, you're going backwards." And CORRUPT SYLVESTER just failed Physics 101.

Rebuilding Trust In Public Service?
CORRUPT SYLVESTER believes that you restore trust and inspire young people by taking payoffs from Burns and McDonnell, other developers, corporations, scheming in secret, publicly stating that the Council can't be trusted, berating those who disagree with you, failing to pay your taxes on time, neglecting your family so it breaks apart, etc.

Young people should be required to spend a year after high school in public service to become more empathetic?
Because CORRUPT SYLVESTER is long out of high school, and was so empathetic as a young father that his first marriage failed and he was estranged from his gay son for most of his life. Do as I say, not as I did!

He's the DJ of Deceit, spinning platitudes all day long.