Friday, January 19, 2018

Kansas City Friday Afternoon Link Serving

Lots of good stuff here for our clock watcher pals as we dream of Sabine and a not so Winter-y weekend.


Kansas City Soccer Stays Losing

Swope Park Soccer Village now has lost both its marquee tenants - Kansas City Business Journal

After just two seasons of play at Swope Park Soccer Village, the Swope Park Rangers will be playing their 2018 season elsewhere, just months after the facility's other professional tenant, FC Kansas City, folded and saw its players moved to Salt Lake City.

Show-Me More Strange Bedfellows

Greitens campaign operation is sharing space with dark money group

JEFFERSON CITY * On at least four occasions last year, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens visited the offices of the nonprofit formed to promote his agenda, according to a Post-Dispatch review of his daily calendar. He must have liked what he saw.

Lesson In Gun Safety???

As Another Concealed-Carry Semester Begins, A KU Film Professor's Protest Is 'Constant'

University of Kansas film professor Kevin Willmott made national headlines last fall for wearing a bullet-proof vest in protest of a new state law allowing concealed weapons on campuses. He said he'd wear the vest until the law changed. And with start of the spring semester this week, Willmott is keeping that promise.

Tribute To Plaza Worker Greatness

Plaza business owner known as a great man dies at 54

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A well-known and well-respected business owner on the Country Club Plaza died. Tim McDaniel, owner of Plaza Shoe Shine, was just 54 years old. His shop sits next to Starbucks. McDaniel's family created a GoFundMe page to pay for his funeral.

Golden Ghetto RAGE Of The Day

HOA's $40,000 plan for new fence is misuse of funds, some residents says

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- A neighborhood in Overland Park is divided after their HOA made plans to pay $40,000 to replace a fence. The fence backs up to about 20 homes along College Parkway in the Shannon Valley neighborhood. However, people who live on the interior of the neighborhood say it's not what the funds are for.

Old School Summer Sounds

Def Leppard and Journey will rock Sprint Center this summer as part of 58 city tour

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Def Leppard and Journey are bringing their 2018 tour to Kansas City this summer. The two bands will perform at Sprint Center Wednesday, July 25. It's part of their 58 city tour that kicks of May 21 in Hartford, Conn. Live Nation Entertainment made the announcement Friday morning.

Kansas City Road Trip Weekend

Downtown Lawrence Restaurant Week & Other Weekend Possibilities

Go exploring in Lawrence, Kansas, this weekend as the fourth annual Downtown Lawrence Restaurant Week kicks off Friday and runs through next Saturday. More than 30 restaurants are offering lunch and dinner specials. Ramen Bowls (918 Massachusetts St.) has a jalapeno-infused sake, Mr. Bacon (624 N. Second St.)

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Anonymous said...

McDaniel's family created a GoFundMe page to pay for his funeral.

Quite the economic recovery. Not only can people not pay for a basic emergency they can't even afford their own funeral.

Anonymous said...

Not only did we lose the women’s team to Salt Lake City and Swope Park rangers to a high school in kansas, sporting kc moved their practices to Kansas as well. Im too smart for you peons sLIE has ruined soccer city with his b.s. They moved partially because of the crime and murders in the city and it affected attendance to the games down there. With no one at city hall trying to get a handle on these things it was wise to move them before something bad happened

Anonymous said...

Absolutely nobody who matters cares about soccer. It is a sport for faggots.

Anonymous said...

So now that the money for the Swope soccer fields was taken inappropriately from the Winchester TIF fund that should have been used to connect residents in the area to the sewer system, but wasn't, now the "project" has no market.
Yet another great business decision made by the gang, actually one of the former gang, at 12th and Oak.
Now watch the lack of oversight, maintenance, and safety allow this multi-million dollar "investment" to quickly deteriorate.
It just never ends!

Anonymous said...

Paid Plaza rent and can't afford a funeral. BS

Eric Greitens swollen balls..... said...

That little butt banging gov hit anything today ? Hopefully he posted vids.

Anonymous said...

This whole "Greitens thing" just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Has anyone figured out yet what an "Expert In Underwater Demolitions" was doing in Afghanistan?

Anonymous said...

Swope Park Soccer Village was the brain child of Sly and Cindy Circo!!! Brilliant!!! Now they want to put a two month Art Fair out there.

Open Spaces!! Doomed to failure. Just like Soccer Village!! Can't wait till Sly is gone!

Anonymous said...

Sez Tubba Lard who's waddling to the fridge every 10 minutes wearing his greasy NASCAR cap, a stinky holey Jeff Gordon Tshirt, and skidmarked Dale Jr. boxers.