Thursday, January 25, 2018

Kansas City Downtown Hype Cycle Cont'd

City Hall pours BILLIONS into luxury real estate schemes at the expense of the rest of the city and then touts progress. Here's a preview of more celebration. Take a look:

State of Downtown report to make its debut on Friday

The Downtown Council, in cooperation with mySidewalk, will unveil its new State of Downtown reporting platform at its Annual Luncheon on Friday at the Kansas City Convention Center. "Our online dashboard highlights the significant progress Downtown Kansas City has achieved in our economy, housing, development and quality of life sectors," said Bill Dietrich, President & CEO of the Downtown Council.


Anonymous said...

put another $100 mil into the 18th and Vine district

Anonymous said...

Downtown elites... If they were in Saudi Arabia right now they would be sleeping on the floor in some hotel under the watch of armed guards.

Retro ROCKER said...

Guss what after paying there rent there car payment insurance and utilities they are one paycheck from disaster. .a rented lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Fucking stupid. One reason I live in the Midwest is so I don’t have to live in an urban high crime shithole with faggots and non-white people everywhere. Diversity sucks and living downtown for queers.