Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Kansas City Dead-Tree Media Desperately Seeking Social Media Followers

Here @ TKC, social media is more of a second thought given that a local news source will NEVER be as popular as Doug The Pug . . . And most of content on FB & Twitter is sponsored content garbage manipulated by foreign investors & Silicon Valley nerds.

Accordingly, we've had fun today with the fate of the newspaper and to finish our thoughts we offer just a bit of advice newspaper readers worried that changes to an algorithm will continue to kill their biz. Our readers call it "desperation" You decide . . . :

Facebook is showing less news. Here's how to keep seeing The Kansas City Star

Facebook is going to make it harder to keep up with everything that's happening in your community by showing you fewer local news stories in your News Feed. But you can still make sure you see The Kansas City Star by following these very easy steps: Are you reading this on a desktop or laptop computer?


Anonymous said...

their readers are old people who won't know what they're talking about.

Anonymous said...

Manure in a paper bag is crap.
And so is manure on a silver platter.
The Star is hopeless.

Anonymous said...

The old people are too smart to read the star, it’s for young progressive idiots who when they grow up realize they wasted too much time on fake news. You gotta grow up sometime kid

Anonymous said...

They ADDED to the divisive Editorial Board!
They are doubling down on a leftist agenda and fail to see the stupidity...
They need real reporters reporting... not opinions and agenda-makers. If this is their answer to a declination of readership... the downward hill of irrelevance just got steeper. As a shareholder I would as what logical accountability and terminate the idea and save payroll.
Sure are a lot of good reporters that could give real relevance if they could just trade spots.
You have to wonder who is shorting their stock and getting rich?

Anonymous said...

We wish them all the luck!