Monday, January 08, 2018

Kansas City Coffee Shop Quiz

A list that isn't even close to comprehensive and lacks appropriate indie suggestions, still worth a look for cowtown caffeine addicts. Checkit:

5 best local coffee shops

A 2014 study found journalists consumed the most coffee in a day, averaging more than four cups. So, who better to turn to when looking for the five best coffee shops in Kansas City than the caffeine fueled newsroom at KMBC 9 News?


Anonymous said...

Stupid Story

Anonymous said...

McDonald’s has really good coffee and you don’t have to hang out with a bunch of tattoo freaks.

Cold Hard Facts said...

I make a thermos of coffee at home and save about 20 dollars a week.

Starbuck customers spend on avg over $1,100 a year for their 16oz coffee daily fix. I only spend about $60 a year on 32oz daily coffee fix.