Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Kansas City Chiefs QB Hope Patrick Mahomes Defends Pit Bull Despite Breed Discrimination

Doggie discourse in the off-season and push back against rampant breed discrimination these pups endure. Read more:

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes defends pit bulls: 'I love my dog.'

Patrick Mahomes SOURCE: Patrick Mahomes Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has a pit bull named "Steel," so it was no surprise to see him defend the breed after an attorney for dog bite victims posted a Super Bowl commercial that says "do not adopt a pit bull" on Twitter. Kenneth M.


Anonymous said...

That breed should be bred out of existence. Thankful they are banned in my city. Only people with ego problems own them along with goofy giant rims. Take your pit for your next rolling gun battle, look out children.

Anonymous said...

Affinity for Pit bulls really helped Michael Vick’s NFL career.

Anonymous said...

The only dog I ever saw take down a 2000 pound bull. Say what you want, I care less. A good pitbull is NEVER aggressive towards humans, but a pitbull around other animals is a target. A pitbull aggressive towards humans is a cur... Crossbreeding pits is probably the most dangerous in my opinion, as other breeds bring the cur out of the animal.

I have seen it in action, and it is impressive and ugly.

Anonymous said...

Why not just use this guys name, why all of the K.C. chiefs QB stuff.

No one cares about the kneeling losers anymore and no one is going to listen to them about dogs or anything else.

Anonymous said...

The thug drug dealers breed them for fighting and to keep their stash safe.

Otherwise, no purpose.

Anonymous said...

Black thugs, white trash and the utterly stupid are the ONLY owners of pitbulls. The breed should be eliminated. There is NO such thing as a "safe" pitbull @9:32PM; never.