Thursday, January 11, 2018

Kansas City Carnival Of News & Oddities

Another quick link blast along with tribute to classic Kate . . .


Kansas City Techies Focus On Stereotypes With Prominent Local Latino Biz Dude

KCultivator Q&A: Pedro Zamora talks chupacabra, Mom's slow-drip coffee

Editor's note: KCultivators is a lighthearted profile series to highlight people who are meaningfully enriching Kansas City's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Check out our features on 'fashionpreneur' Jordan Williams, Plexpod founder Gerald Smith, innovation coach Diana Kander, Victor & Penny's Erin McGrane , SEED Law's Adrienne Haynes , Code Koalas' Robert Manigold , Prep-KC CEO Susan Wally and community builder Donald Carter .

Rock Chalk Bad Blood Reporting

'Mayhem' on Mass St. in Lawrence over bad blood between rivals, witnesses testify

Bad blood had long been brewing when a group of men from Topeka left for Lawrence on the night three people would be killed in wild gunfire on Massachusetts Street, including a Shawnee bystander caught in the spray of bullets.

Show-Me Note From Capt. Obvious
Analysis: Alleged blackmail scandal overshadows Greitens' State of the State address
Brookside Barrio Coming Soon!!!

Brookside Ready to Welcome Two New Restaurants

Brookside will welcome two new restaurants shortly...Brookside Barrio and Brookside Poultry Company are preparing to open within the next few weeks. Similar to building a brand new house--one can aim for a firm opening date but usually it's a fluid process, as various vendors and contractors plus new staff have to come together at just the...

Kansas City Day For Lady Ballers

KSMO to air UMKC women's basketball 'Kansas City Day' game

The women's basketball "Kansas City Day" game, in which UMKC will take on Seattle University, will air on KSMO on Saturday, Jan. 13 at 2 p.m. The UMKC team will be wearing customized jerseys from Charlie Hustle and will be auctioning them off onsite.

EPIC Local Sports History

A look back at the incredible Kansas City Monarchs (VIDEO)

"The Monarchs were the talk of the town all over the world." -- Bob Kendrick of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum on a team that inspired some to say, "The Yankees were the Monarchs of the major leagues.

Tribute To Old School Kansas City Swedes

Swedish families settled and stayed for decades on this Volker block

It is common to find families moving in and out of Midtown neighborhood blocks in the early 1900s, but this Volker area with many Swedish immigrants was much more stable. Census records from 1910 to 1940 shows several families that stayed on the block the entire time, while others moved in and stayed for two or three decades.

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Bowtied Silverback said...

Wasnt Pedro Zamora the queer from the Real World who died of AIDS?

Anonymous said...

^ I was thinking the same thing. I bet that guy gets that shit all the time.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit about the KC Monarchs? BLM made everyone racist, and destroyed all the black historical accomplishments.