Friday, January 26, 2018

Kansas City 'Ban The Box' Moves Forward

This effort creates promotes a horrific DISINCENTIVE for people who stay out of trouble and attempts to enforce dangerous hiring practices upon Kansas City small biz. Sadly, as we reported previously, social justice protesters have created a powerful push for this regulatory nightmare in the making. Read more:

Kansas City Council considers ban the box proposal

Kansas City Council considers ban the box proposal More than 150 cities, counties passed measures barring businesses from asking job applicants about criminal history The Kansas City Star reports that the "ban the box" ordinance was unanimously approved Thursday by the council's Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.


Anonymous said...

Just because the box might not be there they still won’t get past the background check, why tease a felon with hope because the box isn’t there and then waste more time and money by running unnessassary background this supposed to be some kind of victory? Fuck the progressive sjw whiny little bitches

Super Dave said...

Lets give good businesses more of a reason to leave Kansas City and new ones not to come here. This as well will make convicted felons move here knowing they can hide it and not be fired later for it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Council members have never had employees and have never had to run a business. These decisions should be left to the business owner. The Council is totally corrupt.