Friday, January 05, 2018

Kansas City 1st Friday 2018 News Collection

We start today with visions of Taylor, Sara, Jasmine, Stella, Elsa, Romee and Josephine that helped power us through the holiday season and inspire this early morning link gathering of local news. Take a peek:

Meet New KCPD Media Captain
New KCPD Media Unit Captain began career in Historic Northeast
Newsflash: New York Hates Kobach

His Voter Fraud Panel Folded, Kobach Turns His Attention to Ruining Kansas

You'd figure that the president's decision to fold his Advisory Commission on Election Integrity would make Kris Kobach, the vice-chairman and leading light of that "voter fraud" inquisition, the unhappiest camper around. But he has a good use for whatever free time Trump's action gave him.

Dead-Tree Swagger-Jacks Buzzfeed Style From Five Years Ago

Five things to know about how Kansas City's new marijuana law is working out

When Kansas City voters approved lower penalties for marijuana possession last year, some warned of unintended consequences. Those consequences have not turned out as predicted, but people should realize pot is still not legal in the city.

Meth Town Mall Homicide Outcry

Girlfriend of 17-year-old killed in Independence Center parking lot says murder was planned

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- The girlfriend of an Independence teen killed in a mall parking lot says the murder was planned. Eighteen-year-old Tyler Gates has been charged with killing 17-year-old Matthew Haylock in a car parked outside the Independence Center. Prosecutors said Haylock and Gates were in the same car when Gates grabbed the victim's own gun and killed him with it.

History Favors Home Team

Chiefs host Titans seeking first Arrowhead playoff win in 24 years

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The two clubs opening the wild-card playoff round at Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday afternoon enter from opposite perspectives. The Chiefs clinched their second straight AFC West championship two weeks ago and coasted to the finish.

Local Gratitude For Po-Po

Kansas City police officer surprised with Chiefs playoff tickets

Chiefs fans are scrambling to nab last minute playoff tickets, but Thursday, one Kansas City police officer's family received news they are getting in for free.

McTavish Makes The 1st 2018 List

6 Grab-Bag Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

Happy 2018 - now what? The new calendar year's initial weekend delivers a grab bag of endeavors: Downtown art-scene appreciation, drolly ancient funk-rock, Jewish comedians riffing on their cultural history, dinosaur love, football dreams and more. What might all the miscellany amount to? Find out by reaching into the bag!

Bruno Mars - Finesse (Remix) [Feat. Cardi B] is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Beautiful women! Now that is the BEST way to start the day.

Jameson said...

Yeah, but it't not quite fair to compare international lingerie models to all of the fat and happy news ladies who wear ridiculous fashions every morning. They give it a good college try!

Anonymous said...

You're being rather generous. If they're working as journalists in KC, that means they probably didn't go to a good college.


Bowtied Silverback said...

Who cares if the murder was planned or not,maybe he shouldnt have had a gun at 17 and he might not have died...No Fucks Given!

Anonymous said...

The girl whose boyfriend was killed is pregnant thank God. The world needs another welfare baby whose father won't be involved in raising it. Did you hear her interview? Dumb as a brick, neck/chest tats, she is real employable.

Anonymous said...

Not just a welfare baby, but another gang member, and/or drug dealer when it grows up if it grows up!

This young girl will have more fatherless kids by the time she is 25 or younger.

The cycle will just keep going, very sad!

Anonymous said...

You fools. Koback is watching this blog.

Careful what you say, or use someone else's computer.

Tony won't protect you.

Anonymous said...


Meet the 2018 panhellenic sorority officers of Swallo Mega Pi!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

kobach is a super smart guy, but a governor needs to be a cheerleader and promoter of economic growth. so far kobach is a one-trick pony. can he adapt?

Anonymous said...

what happened to that kcpd media guy lockturd.

Anonymous said...

He got a job guarding old drum in Warrensburg. lol.