Sunday, January 21, 2018

Kansas City 12th & Oak Propaganda

Watching the latest update from City Hall isn't enjoyable but it's still necessary for those tracking the evolving narrative of a governing body ALMOST completely committed to working for special interests.

Take a look:

You decide . . .

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Anonymous said...

A homosexual Chris Hernandez (former newsie propagandist) feels it necessary to tell residents how to care for their pets in cold weather!

Gay gardeners hold a symposium at Rockhurst and get down and dirty.

That Old Black Magic starring Sylvester James is upcoming at the Quality Hill Crackhouse.

Tie The Knot at the City Market will offer no free parking, and aggressively attempt to ticket/tow your vehicle. Have a nice day!

The WWI memorial is getting a new elevator, so you can assuredly rise to the occasion at this phallic symbol. No word yet on whether the Women's March will call for it's destruction.