Thursday, January 04, 2018

JoCo Hotels Hate Kansas City Hobos?!?!

OR call it a metro area culture clash in the suburbs. Read more:

Homeless discrimination? Or a bizarre situation at a Lenexa hotel?

A homeless couple - kicked out of a Lenexa hotel room paid for by donors. This comes after two people living on the streets recently froze to death. Some are calling this a case of homeless discrimination. But the hotel has a different response.


Anonymous said...

If you want to help homeless, go to an encampment by the river and give sandwiches, blankets, and a bottle of whiskey. That's all they want or need. Jesus christ not a credit card number.

Anonymous said...

^Reloadable money card...ever heard tell of 'em, Jethro?
Guess if they spoke Spanglish and said that they're with their DACA kiddies... NO PROBLEMO, SI?

Don Cardinal said...

The truth is they were probably behaving like maroons drawing attention making the other guests uncomfortable, it's one thing to get a hand it's anither to wear out a welcome,