Friday, January 12, 2018

Is This The Last Petition From Kansas City Transit Activist Clay Chastain???

Press release Q&A from this town's most prolific petitioner. Take a peek:

Can Clay Chastain be trusted to keep his word?

Star reporter Steve Vockrodt wanted to know how I could be trusted to keep my word about this being my last petition effort since I had said that so many times before.

I answered that my word is gold to those I trust and respect, or have a written agreement with. Let me expound...

I have no reason to distrust Steve. However, I have distrusted the Star the last 10-years because...

(1) The City over turned 75,000 votes and the light rail election in 2007 while the Star stood by and protested too little.

(2) The Star stood by and protested too little when Mayor Sly James and the City's legal department sabotaged the last 3-light rail elections.

(3) The Star wrote a slanted story about me headlined (in part), "Some wonder why he won't leave us alone."

(4) The Star wrote a smear story about me headlined, " Clay Chastain confronts year-old cruelty allegations involving death of three dogs," when the Star knew that false, mean and totally bogus charge had been dismissed by the court. (anyone can file anything against anyone, and I have my enemies)

(5) The Star wrote a misleading headline, "Clay Chastain dismisses defamation lawsuit against Lenexa woman," when the Star deliberately failed to inform readers Clay Chastain only did so AFTER the "Lenexa woman" offered Chastain a settlement if he would dismiss the suit, and ....etc.etc.etc.

So Steve, the reason you can believe me now is because I now trust the Star since it is (in part) now under the guidance and direction of Editorial Board President Colleen Nelson, who I do trust. See the recent Star editorial telling the City, in effect, to stop interfering and changing the meaning and intent of petition ballot language.

As to the City and its legal department, under Sly James, I will never trust them any further than I can heave the Liberty Memorial chained onto Union Station. Thus, it will take a "written agreement" for me to honor anything I might say to them and the City.

Clay Chastain


Anonymous said...

Keep his word? You're kidding aren't ya'.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right. This bitch will petition from the grave.

Anonymous said...

NO....bastard always says this is the last time and then he comes back and wastes more taxpayer monies with lawsuits and petitions and elections

Anonymous said...

Hey Clay watch this !

Anonymous said...

CLAY CLAY COME BACK CLAY WE HAV NO fun No more since you are gone.

Anonymous said...

Heard about the rail less train or the driverless cars? come on back and waste some more time telling K C what will make us a first class major city.