Thursday, January 04, 2018


After the defeat of his ballot initiative last year, the most prolific transit dude in all of Kansas City has a new plan for the new year. Take a look:

Clay Chastain's new 2018 petition is the one we've been waiting for...

Experts say…global warming is being primarily caused by excessive man-made emissions;

Experts say…80% of Americans will live in urban areas by 2040;

Experts say…the future well-being of cities will be a function of transportation and quality of life;

Experts say…single-passenger vehicles (which Kansas City is built around) will never be able to reduce noise, emissions and traffic congestion amid an increasingly growing nation and its denser cities.

And yet…neither the James’ administration nor the ATA has a plan to transform the City’s failed diesel-bus based transit system (that cost taxpayers nearly $100 million a year to operate, is only being used by 5% of the people and does little to make the City more attractive and prosperous) into a greener more attractive and convenient public transportation system useful to all. A heralded transit system that would not only… improve mobility, enhance the environment and reduce rising transportation costs, but also offer various community benefits including increased employment opportunities, revitalized neighborhoods and more economic growth and prosperity.

And, a 2.2-mile downtown streetcar system (of limited transit value) and a few CNG buses, though well meaning, ain’t gonna cut the mustard.

Introducing the 2018 transit petition initiative that will cut the mustard, will be circulated soon and will be placed before CITYWIDE voters at the mid-term election in November:


"In order to create a greener more attractive and convenient public transportation system, improve mobility and enhance the City's quality of life, shall the City of Kansas City, Missouri extend the City's 3/8-cent bus sales tax (no new tax increase) for 25-years, upon its expiration in early 2023, to fund the construction, operation and maintenance of the following comprehensive infrastructure improvements:

(1) Begin converting the City's diesel bus fleet to quiet zero-emission electric buses; and

(2) Convert the City's slow-moving (in traffic) streetcar system into a faster more extensive Greenrail system with rail cars operating in tree-lined dedicated Greenways (for rail / bike / pedestrian use only) and extend the Greenrail system thru the central city from the City Market to the the KC Zoo / Starlight Theatre / Soccer Village Complex in Swope Park including stops at... Downtown (2), Union Station, Penn Valley Park, Westport, the Plaza / UMKC / Art Gallery Cultural District, Troost Ave., Brookside, and Research Hospital and;
(3) Establish an all-electric non-stop express bus line (using dedicated bus lanes) operating between Kansas City's new single-terminal airport and Downtown’s new Greenrail station; and

(4) Establish 2 all-electric bus rapid transit routes (using dedicated bus lanes) to connect the northland to the southland; and

(5) Establish an automated (driverless) small electric shuttle bus network to get riders from central transit hubs and all Greenrail stations to their final destinations with all Greenrail stations also equipped with bike racks and rental bikes; and

(6) Establish a new Kansas City “Greenway” from the City Market to the KC Zoo generally following Main St., Pershing Rd., Penn Valley Drive (replaces the roadway with the Greenway to encompass the entire park thus eliminating all vehicular traffic in the park), Broadway, Mill Creek Park (Greenway uses the existing right-of-way on the backside of park), Volker Blvd., Troost Ave. (eliminates vehicular traffic on Troost from 47th to 63rd St.), the median of Meyer Blvd., Starlight Rd. and Zoo Drive; and with the transit improvement sales tax also to be used to finance bonds and secure additional federal transit and / or infrastructure improvement funds.

You decide . . . 


Anonymous said...

Mass transit is still for negroes Clay and we're SICK of paying for their monkey business. Gibs me dis and gibs me dat.

We're done.

Anonymous said...

Clay Chastain for mayor.

Anonymous said...

it needs to be underground so its not effected by the weather but i agree with the rest of the plan

Anonymous said...

I'll sign the petition just for grins, will he be at the Brookside Price Chopper?

Anonymous said...

Would someone please buy Clay a Lionel and a Casey Jones hat?

Anonymous said...

No, we drive cars here. Go away.

Anonymous said...

Mass transit and rapid transit exists in major cities to get people to and from jobs primarily, and entertainment secondarily. Any investment in mass transit needs to focus on bringing people to new jobs.

Anonymous said...

God, this guy just keeps coming back. He is more full of shit than Tony Botello.

Tracy Thomas said...

Here I was just recovering from the flu. Clay Chastain makes my head want to explode.

Anonymous said...

Hay Clay read this