Monday, January 01, 2018


Let's start this year with a shout out to the readers, politicos, consultants, lawyers, developers and all manner of creeps in Kansas City who comprise the readership of the only media outlet that really matters in this wicked little town.

A question to start things . . .


Of course suggestions for our readership are welcome given that we've been dictating the discourse in this town for nearly a decade while corporate newsies mostly react to talk that starts here when they're not mining cat photos and pathetic dramedy from the plebs on social media. But let's be real . . . Reader suggestions always need to be taken with a grain of salt because people mostly serve to destroy a good thing . . . Whether it's Democracy or avocado toast.

But I digress . . .

This is a critical year for Kansas City, the nation and the world.

Midterm elections will determine the course of the Presidency and thereby the world. Jackson County elections threaten to re-shift the balance of power locally or at least keep that vaporware ponzi scheme train out in Eastern Jack going AND the lead up to City Council & Mayoral elections along with more airport slap fighting should bring this town one step closer to bankruptcy and beyond . . .

Suffice it to say, without the leadership, gully, silly and hot fire prose along with the EPIC wit of this blog . . . Our readers would be forced to make their wives, loved ones and randos at the bus stop listen to their opinions . . . But TOGETHER we've created the only space in town that can ruin a Frank White golfing trip, inspire a spit take from the Mayor drinking pricey scotch OR bring down a BILLION DOLLAR NO-BID corrupt deal whilst a former Council Lady still brags that we described her as "sexy Cindy" to all of her friends as she feigns indignation. NATCH.

Sooooooo . . . We're taking suggestions for the future of Kansas City and this essential part of its discourse that actually knows how local government really works better than half of the people running for mayor and most of the roustabouts who believe that corporate transcription or Courthouse gossip writing qualifies as serving the reading public.

You decide . . .


Back in time said...

Journalism is just dandy.

More bewbs please.

Also, some followup on some of the high profile murders would be nice.

Anonymous said...

KC needs to get serious about lowering that murder rate. Can't go on like this, a real setback for people who depend on their tips.

Anonymous said...

Updates on former council members. What (or who) are they doing now?

Anonymous said...

Go big or go home. This year we need to start saying 27 million tourist ever year. If anybody says different, the man in charge will smack them around too

Anonymous said...

More cowbell.

No more streetcar without a vote from across the city.

chuck said...

The continuation of Free Speech.

Anonymous said...

Just get in from stealing the neighbors change ?

Anonymous said...

Fewer "ad hominem" attacks - if you disagree with something posted, state WHY you disagree as an adult would, don't call the poster names like a kindergartner.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you, pussy. What are you, a sissy faggot?

Anonymous said...

^^Idiot, this is not a "Free Speech Zone".

Tony deletes comments, & not just those he arbitrarily defines as "spam".

Anonymous said...


Your post has been up nearly four hours. If Tony deletes posts, why is yours still here?

Anonymous said...

No more bryron trying to hijack every thread in 2018.

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on Byron, when did Tony ever delete one of your incoherent, pointless ramblings?

Tony would never delete you, heck, you're a major part of "comedy relief" on this blog, providing giggles and horse laughs for all of us!

You're as big a clown as "J. J. Evans" from "Good Times", only without any DYN0-O-MITE!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

more all-in development projects downtown.

it has to reach critical ass or it will crash.

yes, a new hotel will be nice. but much more is needed.

examples of things to consider--

1. doing something with the underground tunnels, whether it's opening to pedestrian spaces or a cross-town rubber-tore shuttle

2. definitely cover over one section of I-70 to allow a coherent urban neighborhood to coalesce

3. plan for a maglev train station

4. explore ways to pedestrianize more downtown streets but let traffic flow. an underground express lane?

5. consider a constantly circulating, endless-loop shuttle train. no reason for it to be a streetcar but do give it its own lanes on some streets.

6. move the jazz district downtown.

7. riverfront needs to finally happen, it's such a beautiful, romantic setting. it obviously needs to be mixed use.

8. build a peoples's peace place where there's free food, free heat, good bathrooms, free air-conditioning 24/7/365 but no tv or internet. get the churches to man but have lots of cops to keep order. set an example for the world. have kiosks of socal welfare agencies to help folks get situated more permanently elsewhere.

9. require new buildings to have low-rent retail space for grocery stores, hardware stores, and pharmacies.

10. lots of police around 24/7.

these ideas may be pie-in-the-sky, but the point is that downtown needs to go all-in to work. as a patchwork and halfway urban zone, it won't come together.

KC Picasso said...

+100 ^^^ Post of the year so far!

Anonymous said...

Can stop giving millions in funding to anti crime groups that do not work? That would be a great start.

Anonymous said...

Keep reporting on Frank White, Caleb and the gang. Someone needs to know what is really going on over at the courthouse.

Anonymous said...

I want to see more Ashley Alexiss.

More Charisse Taylor.

More Michelle Young.


More local hotties.

Anonymous said...

More fag shit.
Can't get enough of the weatherman's sexual habits.

Greedo said...

Start the petition to recall Sly. That would be the best thing could happen to Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

From an intellectual perspective, more "cum guy" worthy babes.

Second, for the TKC family to realize that Bryon is Tony's alter ego to stoke the rest of us. Bryon is too perverted and stupid to be real.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

162 is my estimate for KCMO murders this year.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see more civility among the denizens of this stinkhole.

Ollie G. said...

Tony, sometimes you do a great job on this blog (like when you scooped the secret airport deal with City Hall crooks); but I cannot show it at work because of all the cheesecake girly pics. Consider becoming Safe For Work and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

More of the sensuous sexy and always mysteriously alluring Tracy.
Mark Alford and Nick Vassos learn how to read a teleprompter.
Nude weather girls.
Twit In Chief to resign, be indicted or be impeached.

Tracy Thomas said...

Delete the ad hominem attacks. (Name calling on commenters, for the less educated trolls here.) It's a huge waste of time. Clutters up the whole point of posting on TOPICS. Allow free speech ABOUT THE TOPIC. (tHO OCCASIONAL HATE SPEECH might also be deleted by Tony.

These two steps would elevate this blog to making a bigger difference, if we just had a few more brains commenting on solutions. And signing their work, with at least a nickname--for interest. It would also attract more readership which has quit logging on due to the low level of discourse.

Especially since the STAR's comments are essentially non-existent, this would solidify TKC as the niche for gauging public opinion.

I'd also like more debate on what we are FOR, not just what we are against. I know I am guilty of this, because I happen to be good at it, articulating what is wrong. I promise to work on it in 2018.

Thank you, Tony.

Jonsie said...

Sly needs to get out of the Mayor's office. That would be a benefit to all of use.

Anonymous said...

Byron, go pick up turds in the double

Grover said...

Keep up the good work TKC. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Sophia Rodiriguez!


Anonymous said...

The city should actually learn about mass transit and get rid of the streetcar nonsense. We should look at rapid rail transit options to Lenexa, the airport and the stadiums. Any investment in "on-the-street" transit should be in more improved bus rapid transit and electric buses. The streetcar is an expensive joke.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Tony keeps deleting my comment.

If you have something to say, then say it.

If you want a war, I can give you a war.

Anonymous said...

1:53 is close to the mark. If you're going to have rapid mass transit your end points need to be EDGERTON, Blue Springs, Zona Rosa (or KCI) and Lees Summit.

Those are the explosive jobs areas and can help transition minimum wage earners in "The City" to where the $15 -30 per hour jobs are at if your not a druggie.

Think Greater Kansas City Area.

Anonymous said...


Shut up, bitch.

Tracy Thomas said...

I agree with 1:53.

As for Byron, you are exhibiting mental illness with your obsessive reposting. Get some help--as in mental counseling.

There are a few possibilities for why your post keeps disappearing.
1. Blogger is glitchy. That would not be personal, tho you take it that way.
2. KCPL is having issues with the cold. There might be an electrical connection issue that Tony is unaware of. Or if he is aware, he does not owe you an explanation.
3. Tony might be honoring some New Years Resolution, and it might include putting you in Time Out, Byron. Many are tired of you.
4. Tony might be toying with you. And you're sure taking the bait.
5. Tony might be experimenting with deleting your ISP address, and tweaking it, to make sure others within a block or two are not blocked.
6. Hearne Christopher did that to Craig Glazer for awhile, when Craig was misbehaving. However, Craig is rich and flew to Las Vegas with Black Barbie, and commenced posting from there. Blessedly, Tony knows you don't have the coin to do that to maintain your addiction to posting here on TKC.
7. Nobody is guaranteed access to this site. It's Tony's call. Even if you're nice, he can kick you off.
8. So, Byron, take a chill pill. You want a war? This ain't Afghanistan. You will not win.
9. But thanks for ginning up the comment count with your "persevoration" (new word of the week, courtesy of the autistic docto, Shawn Murphy, on ABC's The Good Doctor.
10. A high comment count increases readership. More Readers for Leades.

And now back to commenting on the topic.

My next suggestion is: Merit Mondays.
As inspired by Byron.
As we have seen, Tony has the ABILITY to edit posts. Or MOVE THEM! So on Merit Mondays, I would like Tony to rotate the order of COMMENTS on key popular posts. Putting the most meritorious continually at the top. And then shoving the boring or tedious or hate-speech or ad hominem comments at the bottom!

This would shift the level of dialogue dramatically. The Best and the Brightest commenters would rise to the top. The general readership would thus be treated to something akin to a great coffee klatsch, and then they could save time and skip the dross. No cum guy, no Byron, for example.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Mind your own business, Tracy.

This is between Tony & I.

Your calling me mentally ill over this is childish.

How would you know? Are you a mental health professional?

Aren't you really just a political gad-fly?

Anonymous said...

Byron you are a lying fucking scam artist that has serious mental problems. Get help. If not for you, then your "world class pianist" wife" your "super model" daughter, the "highly successful lawyer" son and the blue collar "underpaid plant manager" youngest child.

P.S. Byron Take your own words to heart... Mind your own business! Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Byron will stay up for days on meth and bring WAR ! I mean real WAR! Expect SPLC and the like on our flanks. Save yourselves and prepare!

Anonymous said...

Byron plain and simple is a nutcase, the kind we read about shooting/killing large numbers of people for no reason other than the voices in their heads. All has known for what almost 8 years that Byron wasn't playing with a full deck and should be watched with care. He has I know for a fact gone to other sights and tried to attack people he has figured out in his little games. He has reported Tony more times for being a bigot, racist, and hater of all things related to poor people many times. Be careful Tracy he will attack you via the internet and will do you harm as he has shown the ability to do.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Tony, be a man & stop hiding behind this womans's skirt.

The above commenters are stupid cowards.
Talk about hysterical nutcases ..

You have my email address. If you have something to say, then say it.

Anonymous said...

Let’s put The Star in perspective and hold them accountable.
Let’s put secret counters on articles.
I bet less than 500 read most columnists... if shareholders knew this- they would abolish most opinion writers.
Short their stock and get rich!

Free Speach & Tracy Thomas both bullshit..... said...

For once Byron the sheep shagger is right. Tony needs to stop with the bullshit deletes or own it. TKC is NOT A FREE SPEACH BLOG !

As for Tracy Thomas.....bitch, shut the fuck up. You just yap to yap. We know Tony has no balls and wears womens panties, backwards. You Tracy Thomas are just one annoying cunt.

Anonymous said...

Tracy needs to locate and sit on Big Sonia's leopard-print sofa and relax and just let Sonia's Jewish Holocau$t Survivor Goodness control her thoughts and emotions and slowly, ease her fingers down her pants and.......well, you know..............

Anonymous said...

@ 6:15 and @6:41 - GOOD JOB!

Thanks for providing supporting examples of everything Tracy said, your mastery of dunderheadedness and unthinking blather that serve no purpose other than illustrating your stupidity and lack of any manliness or courage is commendable!

Tell it like you want us to think it is, then hide behind your anonymity like the Gutless Wonders you have just proven yourselves to be!

Two middle fingers of applause to the both of ye!

Anonymous said...

Tracy needs a black cock up her ass and then go ATM on @ 6:53

Anonymous said...

@6:53 Anonymity ensures honesty, and is the opposite of attention-seeking self righteousness.

Anonymous said...

Tracy should tell us about the time she failed to properly use an aluminum ladder, fell off of it, then sued the ladder company !

Anonymous said...

2018 wish is for Tony Botello to finally kill himself since he hates Kansas City but won't move away or do anything other than bitch and whine. The only thing worth checking out on this blog are the titty and ass pics.

Tracy Thomas said...

Well, I see my slovenly basement dwelling neighbor, Craig Scholes,who designs wooden swingsets (yes, that's a low end career thing if you're from SE Missouri) is posting again. I guess romance is out the basement window, fading there with Craig and the world's worst HOA President ever, Krista Turner.

7:19, your comment is false and defamatory. I did not fall off a ladder. The Cuprum ladder (now owned by Louisville) telescoped and collapsed, after supporting me, 36 inches off the ground, for 120 seconds. Crippling me. Sent me to a nursing home for three months. It's called Telescoping Ladder Failure, and happens rarely, but it does happen.

Had I "fallen", I would not have been left standing there with the collapsed ladder still in my hands, with my heel crushed into 20 pieces. They call that a paratrooper injury. And the best heel surgeon in the midwest, who happens to be at KU Med, Greg Horton MD allowed me to walk once again. You don't get that injury from a "fall", which involves horizontality.

Brown and Crouppen took my case. They do not take frivolous cases.

The federal judge in Wyandotte County, with the lifetime appointment was Thomas Marten. A a giggling, complete goofball. He dismissed our witnesses and rigged the jury instructions, requiring the jury to find every ladder in America to have insufficient labels, BEFORE they could consider my injuries. (Big Ladder is just like Big Tobacco. Known to lie.) Other juries eg in California have awarded $2 million for a similar case. But due to the ORDEr of consideration of jury instructions, we got zero.

Newly divorced Judge Marten kept interjecting his jovial patter that we better hurry up, because he was all packed so he could race out of the courthouse Friday morning to "make his 11am plane for a hot date with a judge in Alabama, for the Super Bowl." (He had scheduled the trial six months in advance. Doing his day job seemed less important to him than cocktails with his new cutie.) Honest to God. He bragged throughout the trial about how he played guitar once with the Statler Brothers. And owns 20 guitars.

Honestly, it was like appearing before a teenage boy in heat.

The judge then whined about having to move his flight which cost him $200 in additional air fare. Then he still left at 12:30pm, when the jury just started deliberations--well BEFORE the trial was over, leaving another judge to answer any juror questions, and to preside over the reading of the verdict. Oh, and Marten set it up before he scooted out of town, forbidding us to speak with any of the jurors afterward.

(That eliminates any potential cause for retrial. And any feedback.)

Brown and Crouppen obviously believed in the case, for five long years. I see things through, and so does Brown and Crouppen. An excellent firm up against a rigged system. The mop-haired 6'3" Asian sumo wrassler "expert witness" for Big Ladder lied about me, with zero evidence, claiming I "jumped!" Also suggested I didn't have the ladder extended at all. Just made shit up. That's why he has been paid $4 million to date to fly around the country for Big Ladder.

Thanks to Brown and Crouppen, I got my day in court. When we lost, they ate $110,000 in expenses. Had they not believed every single thing I told them, or had any doubts, they would not have taken the case. Or seen it through to the end. They would have settled for the pittance that was offered in two pre-trial negotiations. Brown and Crouppen is a stand-up firm. And Brad Wilmuth is a fine attorney.

After the trial, I could have taken on the national cause of championing better labelling for ladders. It's needed. But the industry is loathe, like Big Tobacco, to make any changes. Instead, I started and, and working with Tony, to alert our citizens and local consumers to abuses. And to writing about good movies at the Glenwood Arts. Like Big Sonia!! Now 13,000 have seen it.

Anonymous said...

Quit going on about that Jew harpie. We all know the holocaust was all phony.

Santa Claws said...

All of this cracks me up.

I burp and fart in your general direction.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting discussion here!

Anonymous said...

8:51 Tracy are you drunk? Stupid. what nonsense. Brown and Crouppen? They give lawyers the reputation they have. Fuck, they might represent Byron.

Anonymous said...

Most people can work,climb a ladder. You (Tracy ) wasted a lot of money because you are a stupid fuck.

Liberal dumb asses are a danger! Stickers for them?

As an ex Paratrooper I call Bullshit! My surgery took 30 minutes and they fixed the dying bone in my heel and took the floaters out of the ligaments and tendons.

Anonymous said...

Guess the jury did also^^^^ Brown and Cruppen... -$110,000.00

Nice try ladder lady.


I love my fake tits.