Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Unless they plan on showing pix or another hottie emerges . . . Today Missouri Democrats proved why the are the super-minority with a nasty bit of documentation that tragically makes them look more skeevy than confirmed cheating and alleged revenge porn allegations . . . They had the moral high ground and lost it . . . Which reveals that it was likely fellow Republicans who hate the guv and concocted this scandal in the 1st place. Read more:

Democrats: Greitens should sign affidavit about affair

Eric Greitens on Facebook Missouri Governor Eric Greitens SOURCE: Eric Greitens on Facebook The Missouri Democratic Party called Wednesday for Gov. Eric Greitens to sign a legal document certifying that that he did not take "compromising photographs" or attempt to blackmail a woman with whom he had an affair.


Anonymous said...

little dogs yapping.

Anonymous said...

And this is the only way dummocrats can get voted in by any indecent means possible

Anonymous said...

You think they’re still mad because he went from dummocrat to republican?

Tracy Thomas said...

This isn't over.
Still waiting for more women to come forward about Kinky Governor Duck Tape.

I will say: the wording of this "Gotcha" document was poorly worded. Reminded me of the wording of the KCMO ballot issue, banning the city from "planning" for expansion of the toy train.

Which is exactly the wedge the city's attorneys are using to weasel a legal way around that vote.

The same thing happened with Clay Chastain's vote for the light rail designed on a cocktail napkin, where the train would have had to make a 90 degree sharp turn. Defying the laws of physics.

The use of compound sentences or cocktail napkins in drafting binding legislation is always risky.

If the intent on either the Gotcha Greitens document, or the No Expansion vote had been clearer, it would not be as suspect.

Always a good idea to have seasoned lawyers draft such documents.

But still, I think Governor Duct Tape is done. No credibility.Too much of a distraction. And this is before Mrs. Greitens and the kiddoes return from their post-MLK-"vacation" to talk with her divorce lawyer.

Just who paid off the hairdresser?
Just who will pay off Mrs. Greitens?
Just who will help with expenses when Greitens sells Casa de Casanova in the Basement?

Anonymous said...

Tracy, does this mean you’re not going to vote for Greitens when he runs for president?

Anonymous said...

^^^ He's not going to run for President, he's too busy running FROM SHEENA!

"Hell hath no fury", as he's finding out!

Anonymous said...

It's pretty sad when certain people accuse someone of something they have no evidence of. Kinda like the women who accused Trump and then when busted signed documents saying the opposite, not to mention the tapes of those same women saying how they admired Trump as a business mentor. Money talks and until the democrats can put up they need to shut up, money for tricks doesn't make evidence.

One thing is for sure the democrats and some RINO's are running scared and their dirty tricks are making them look exactly what they are, dirty!

Lets wait until the evidence is shown, before we... Quote: "Duck tape Grietens."

How immature!!!

Anonymous said...

I like a governor who shoot machine guns and fucks hot sluts. Better than some limp dick Democrat faggot.

Anonymous said...

Very bad form using duck tape. It pulls hair off and is way too expensive if you're going to use a lot of it. OK to use it for special occasions, but for daily use masking tape is all you need.

Anonymous said...

Woman are crazy PERIOD, and here is a great example!! The Gritens thing happened years ago, who really cares that he cheated on his wife, most of you reading this - your wife is probabley out cheating on you because you spend time on here and not with her, but thats your buisness. I am so sick of this women movement coming out of Hollywwod that has inspried woman around the world to jump on the bandwagon, someone told them obviously there is power in numbers, and they stopped being crazy for just one minuet too actually listen. And I am all for equality when it comes to wages, if you can do the job you should be compensated fairly no matter your gender. But these sex scandle woman coming out after so many years is a bunch of BS, and here is why, I dont condone sexual assult on a woman ever, but if you are a woman and were sexually assulted why the fuck didnt you do something about it when it happened?? You women are now coming out with all these allegations because you think there is money in it, and we all know women do things they wouldnt normally do for money!! My point is someone backs into your car at the grocery store, do you wait till 20 other motorists that got their car backed into to speak up and make a report? What you want equal wages because you think you are so smart when you do dumb shit like not report a sexual assult when it happens? Again women are fucking Crazy!! Its the new rasism - Women against Men, I guess china has dildos on sale and they feel like they now can make a move!! What a joke!!

Anonymous said...

What is the traci tomas take on JOCO DA paul Morrison? Damn that woman is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Anonymous said...

Very perceptive, the Missouri repub establishment are SCUM and do not like "Outsiders". Cui Bono? Well mccaskill should not give up hope, those BOZOS will most likely hand her another WIN!

Anonymous said...

Pepto Bismol needs to come up with a medicine for verbal diarrhea before Tracy dies.

Anonymous said...

Typical libtards. They are in charge of absolutely nothing, but have demands. What a hoot.

Anonymous said...

libitards, dumbocrats, machine gun shooting,hoot, fucking hot sluts, Chuck, Stupor Dave, burrito