Thursday, January 18, 2018

Greater Kansas City Chamber Talks Transit

Presser coverage promoting local corporations ready to make life harder for drivers and pushing their big biz agenda that already threatens to bankrupt KCMO for the benefit of JoCo bosses who mainly reside in nicer, newer suburbs . . . Meanwhile, here's "news" of a RIGGED survey they'll be touting in order to steal the next low-turnout election . . .

Tackling Public Transit Is Next Up On Kansas City Chamber's Big 5 List

Next up for the Greater Kansas City Area Chamber of Commerce's Big 5 initiative? Improving public transportation. The Chamber hosted a kickoff event Wednesday morning, where regional representatives from Kansas City Area Transit Authority and Ford Motor Company, to name a few, outlined goals for KC-area transit.


Anonymous said...

From similar past proposals by the Chamber swells, you can be sure of a number of facts:
A little self-selected group of insiders have come up with this idea.
It has already been decided by them who gets what.
They will now present a "take-it-or-leave-it" proposal and try to make believe that it's really a great idea for everyone involved.
They will try to pretend that if other jurisdictions don't support their idea, that the others are provincial and "not regional".
It has nothing to do with the public good.
Others will easily see through the charade and walk away.
The Chamber is not a public policy organization.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News: Kansas City did not make the final top 20 sites for Amazon's headquarters.

Anonymous said...

8:15, I'll bet that KC was rejected because we don't have a streetcar extension yet.

Anonymous said...

Is one of their ideas to to run buses from Prospect to Leawood?

Anonymous said...

This whole farce is just another step in the process of setting up a "Regional Airport Authority" to allow Johnson County residents (only 1 in 5 of the KCI users) to control 100% of the Airport Revenues directly, rather than having to hire shills in KCMO government to do their bidding for them.

Anonymous said...

6:18 nailed it, at least they were smart enough to not have Sly pretend to be a transit expert. Reardon got the backscratch crony Stamp and remember, the Chamber ignored transit before when everyone wanted it because they had pork priorities. Ford would be among the least dynamic in terms of getting this right, and you can be sure a bunch of insider amateurs will operate with dull tools on this one.

When they say they want to start a conversation, they mean some sponsor has a plan and they want to skunk it in quickly and pretend it was a consensus, though the decision will have been made before the game begins.

Remember Google went silent for several years, Ford is considered the least dynamic of the transit autonomous players, Amazon just passed on KC, even though swells said an updated airport and streetcar extension were all we needed. The Streetcar won't even identify itself as transit, just typical of the shell games where the city gets pregnant with something it doesn't understand and keeps making $(@* sausage because the usual suspects just chant the kool aid mantra over and over as if they have some insight into the transit transformation that is at hand.

Here is a clue, when the gravy train of lawyers pretend to be transit experts, get ready for some real bs to be foisted forward. Remember the cluster of the orphaned Sanders plan, and you want these guys pretending to outdo the best of tech here, just like when Sly ran Uber out of town. Get ready for more waste, more inside deals (the Sanders pay off to Union Pacific is nothing short of criminal, 58 million and now it is abandoned).

Item one will be if they proceed to try and skunk in the Streetcar extension, sometimes acting as if it is transit, sometimes acting like it isn't, never being genuine on costs over time. Untrained amateurs have a vision, get ready for a crock, brought to you by the same management team that tried to jam down the fix on the Airport originally, they have another jam in mind now

Anonymous said...

Get ready for the window dressing of a blue ribbon task force that has no clue what they are doing. Then an insider fix that turns out to have been poorly strategized and then executed like all the other slop these guys touch. Robbie and Reardon are not transit experts, not tech experts, not great managers of innovation, and never go against the machine with independent thought.

Notice Marc is hiding behind the curtain. Hard to believe trust funders and crony lawyer pals are going to outdo Elon and Son, Apple and Tesla, and so far the Google play has no detail, but does that surprise you. Some ivory tower planners will do just the wrong thing at just the wrong moment and pretend they had the best of intentions.

Anonymous said...

We saw the efficacy of their management chops with the Airport debacle, and how they pretty much ignored crime and fixing root causes for most of a decade. They want to turn the (&%@ sausage grinder on high and churn out some pork, because they have a vision. Nothing a good change out of mediocre leadership couldn't sort out. Let the games begin.

They have totally clustered the Streetcar go forward as they did the Airport, and that is not nearly over yet. They have the Chamber out front, because Sly is a lame duck and is openly viewed as not competent on these types of things, lost trust with the public. Quips don't substitute for outstanding management.