Gary Lezak Legacy For All Time!!!

Possibly the most important Kansas City journalism event in the past five years and still more interesting than the phony human interest stories posted for today. Take a look:

Kansas City weatherman comes out as a hot, gay muscle daddy

KSHB Channel 41 weatherman Gary Lezak has been keeping residents on Kansas City abreast of weather developments since 1999. Earlier this month, he decided to open up about his personal life.


  1. Why do homos always have to rub it in our faces?

    I feel harassed and violated when they do that!

  2. It explains his inaccurate snow fall predictions. For years he has been getting buttfucked by a 3 inch cock and has been told it’s a 9 inch cock.

  3. So you think he is hot Tony????

  4. My wife said this morning, It's cold in this closet". I said that sounds like a Lifetime original series.

    Please T, less faggot shit in the new year. We know where to turn to get the deviant weather forecast. Leave it alone T.

  5. Tony and Gary sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G1/1/18, 6:52 PM

    Tony wants to blow Sleazak....imagine that.

  6. Gay people have been around since people were created. They don't want to go after YOUR sorry butt. So stop worrying.

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